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Hyperion planning Metadata Management using Smartview

Planning onwards, Oracle has provided great utility to perform BULK changes in Planning Metadata using Smartview, called as Planning Admin Extension (PAE). You can use this tool for your metadata management in planning.

What we have to do to use it?

                Before using the tool, we first have to install it (if not already installed).  Installable can be downloaded from Workspace -> Tools -> Install -> Planning Admin Extension

PlanningSVExtension.msi will be downloaded and its very easy to Install.

To confirm if the extension is installed, Open Smartview -> option Tab, under extensions 'Hyperion Planning Admin Extension'

What all can we do?
  •  Add bulk new members.
  •  Edit existing dimensions or bulk members.
  • Move members within Hierarchy.
  • Change member properties
  • Create or Refresh Cubes.

All of above task you can do it just using Smartview.

How can we do it?

Connect to Hyperion planning in Smartview (Use 'Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition' connection from drop down).


2.       Drill down to required application and then to Dimensions. Right Click on dimension which you want to update and Click on 'Edit Dimension'.


On clicking on edit dimension, the new ribbon (Planning Ad hoc ribbon) will appear with extra buttons and the ad-hoc grid will be retrieved at root dimensions.

Now we can zoom in out to what all members we want to update and will be able to fetch below members properties for required dimension. Here I have selected version dimension.


So, let's try modifying/adding a couple of members in a dimension.

I have to perform tasks in version dimension.

·         Task 1: Change Data Storage for 'Draft version' to 'Never Share'.

·         Task 2: Add new Version Draft1, Draft2, and Draft3_new

·         Task 3: Move Draft1 and Draft2 under parent Draft version


Task 1: Edit Member property:

·         Choose required DataStorage from drop down for which you want to change member properties.


Task 2: Add new members

For adding  new members, we have 2 options as below :

·         Dimension Editor Mode

·         Submit without Refresh Mode

Dimension Editor mode option is faster than other but it requires refresh after each member addition. I can say it's a two-step process whereas Submit without Refresh is One Step process.

In Dimension Editor process, you will be able to see * (asterisk) sign on member after refresh. To do so, Just add member name you want to add at the end and press refresh. At this moment member will not be pushed to planning.

All other properties will automatically populate in smartview. Change whatever property you want to change and click Submit Data. Once you click SubmitData, you will be able to see members in Planning.

For using Submit without Refresh Mode. For using same, add a property "SMART_VIEW_DIMENSION_EDITOR_PARITY_MODE" set to true in Planning.

Once done, Come back to smart view add a new member, add all information and at last click on Submit without refresh. You will be able to see a member in planning.

Task 3: Move member

To change member in hierachy, come back to smartview. Select member which you want to change. Under Parent Member column, add new Parent. I added Draft version as per my requirement. Click Submit Data from planning Ad hoc. You are done 😊



Another useful feature of using planning extension is to Refresh/Create Database from smart view itself.

Lets only talk about refresh feature as this will be more useful after performing above tasks.

  •   Right Click on dimension itself and Click on Refresh Database.

  • Same options will appear as you get in planning
  • Check Database and click on refresh.


Please feel free to comment your queries. I would love to listen back from you 😊




Nice blog mentioned in easy and understandable language.

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