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Oracle EBS to ARCS in one click - On Premise to CLOUD Automation made possible

If you are manually loading your data from source system to Oracle reconciliation system then this may be a cumbersome process which might include receiving the data files on email or on a shared folder, converting them to ARCS readable format, loading them to data management folder and running the data load.

We will talk about a "One Click "automated solution for this which we have implemented at several of our ARCS/ARM customers and also leveraged same for integrations of other Cloud modules

What to do?

Let's consider a common scenario where EBS is the source and ARCS is the target.

To automate the data load from source system to ARCS, below procedure can be followed:

  • Write a program in EBS (can be written in PLSQL), one for each data file, to run queries to generate the source data files. The program can be written to generate .csv or .txt files based on the import format configuration in data management. (Plan to keep the source data files to a shared drive through the same program). Data management comes along with ARCS and is used to import data into ARCS through data files.
  • For automating the ARCS manual tasks, EPMAutomate comes to the rescue. EPMAutomate is an Oracle provided utility to perform administrative tasks using REST APIs within Oracle EPM cloud instances. So, prepare an EPM Automate batch file to have
    • Commands to upload the source data files from shared drive to data management inbox folder. In this case, the "epmautomate uploadfile" command can be used (make sure that the user id used to login to EPMAutomate has access to the shared folder).
    • One command to run the data load in ARCS. In this case, "epmautomate importbalances" command can be used (make sure that the data load definition has been created in ARCS already and the definition has all desired locations selected).
  • When the batch file runs, data load, based on the definition, would trigger the underlying data load rules to run sequentially in data management.
  • The programs in EBS and the EPMAutomate batch file can both be scheduled to run daily/bi-weekly/weekly as per the requirement.

Below are our metrics from one such automation implemented.

Extract source data files from EBS through automated programs - 20 mins ; Reduced by 50% ; Manual effort of 'extracting the source data files one by one, converting each to .csv file and sending all files through mail' eliminated.

Data load to ARCS - 25 mins ; Reduced by 50% ; Manual effort of 'downloading the source data files from mail to local machine, uploading each file to data management inbox folder one by one, selecting the appropriate data file for each data load rule one by one in data management and running the data load from ARCS' eliminated.


Benefits -

No Manual Errors and high quality data loads!!

No dependency on availability of Expert!!

Better Performance!!

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