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Emerging Trend in SSHR- PART3

Key Players in the HRMS Self-Service

  1. Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR) - Oracle Self-Service HR is part of Oracle Human Resources Management family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Human Resources applications, including Human Resources(core),HR IntelligenceLearning ManagementPerformance Management and Compensation Workbench.
  2. Applaud Self Service HR - Applaud System is best system made by Oracle experts that enhances Oracle HR Self-Service with an intuitive interface & mobile experience for employees and managers. It is simplified system used by desktop & mobile users.

Enhancements needed in the Oracle Self Service future edition


Following best ERP practice, Oracle E-business Suite Self-service HRMS application is overall based on extensive customer feedback, analyst research, experts' challenges & Oracle's own commitment to drive leadership. As per our recent experience in HRMS implementation projects, listing some areas that attracts customer's requirement & need further enhancement in the tool . Some of them are discussed below:-


1.       Introducing Employee Probation as function in self-service

The function should be available with Managers /Administrators or HRMS professionals. In certain industries, it is observed that employees have to complete Probation period based on multiple round of evaluation done by managers during different phases. Managers & administrators should be given enough flexibility to set expectations for employee to provide feedback against those expectations.


2.       Configuring Reminders

Oracle SSHR should give the flexibility to send reminders where the number of reminders should be configurable. Once reminders are complete, application should take one of the following paths:-

a.       Send the transaction back to the initiator

b.       Send the transaction to next person in approval chain


3.       Better User Interface and validations

There should be way to control the display of fields if any of the function is defined as Special Information Type in self-service via personalization. In several cases, we need that an employee should not see certain fields however the same function when accessed form Manager self- service should see the complete list of segments in a function. Personalization should be more flexible and user- friendly in controlling display at different levels along with setting preferences in HRMS system.


4.       Enabling validations for 'Special Information Types'

Currently when any SIT is defined as Self-service function in Self-service page, it doesn't support the validations. Because of this, mostly Self- service functions are configured as Extra Info Types where we can apply user hook validations and control functionality as per requirements. EIT's if compared with SIT is more flexible to capture in Self- service. However SIT is user friendly, so we should ensure SIT's to be more flexible in future edition.


5.      Develop Oracle SSHR as standalone Mobile App

Currently external systems like Applaud is integrated with SSHR to enhance the user interface and make it accessible with Mobiles, Tablets, etc. However, the system should be flexible enough to create App preferences to access different functions anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Summary at a Glance

HRMS Self Service application is significant for any Industry as it supports HR Best Practices. Organizations are not interested in impressive reorganizations and superficial plans that fail to improve upon core processes. A highly productive workforce depends on driving technology and automation. In the emerging era, this product is not likely to abate anytime in near future & perhaps not ever.


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