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Employee Engagement: Some quick insights & tips

We all techies spend so much time on work & think about it, whether it's a working day or weekend or holiday, but it is very disheartening to say that many people are unhappy with what they do. Gallup survey which was done couple of years back says that "Only 32% of the people are actually engaged" with their work. Work is work, and it is not fair to expect that most or all employees to be engaged all times. But on the other side "poor engagement can lead to negative impact to the organization as a whole be it at any level from top to bottom"

Why Employee engagement?

Engaged employees will create a better product & service!!!

Above flow diagram depicts what happens when we have a high employee engagement in a company and illustrates the value it brings to an organization!!!

You all might all think how poor employee engagement affects productivity levels of overall organization. In fact, there are numerous surveys that show that many companies make big loss in revenue (in billions) every year due to less productivity. At the same time, we have seen companies that invest in Employee engagement has out performed very well and has even doubled their figures YOY!!!

So looking at above, it becomes important or inevitable to invest some time and effort in this space. As mentioned, "Workers feel more thrilled and motivated, when organization or management invest in their employees."

So looking to inspire your team? Here are five tips to bring your workforce to life and start engaging your employees.

a. Top down Approach:

Leaders play a vital role in this whole drive, and that is the first area that you should look out to kick start engagement and start investment. We need to showcase "Leadership team" and bring them together, to showcase how much important their contributions are, to improve productivity and engagement. It is seen that "Managers or Leaders" make about >70% of the engagement level factors across organizations. Hence it is important that the leadership is self-motivated, innovation driver and plays an active role in Employee Engagement activities. They need to create an environment where employees believe in management and their leadership!!!

b. Concentrate on Key Strengths


In an Organizations, comparisons between employees are inevitable and frequently the weaknesses are overanalyzed, rather than understanding each employee is unique and appreciate individual contribution. As in IT world we always say "Survival of the fittest'. Being a lead or mentor to a person who is requested to work for you, think about what his or her strengths are and give him or her opportunities on those. You'll see that there is productivity and satisfaction. By doing so you also gain below three things and leads us to higher levels of engagement and effectiveness.

          • Increased positive emotions
          • Greatest potential for success
          • Enhanced self-confidence

c. Offer a Training Program or areas for personality development

We all work to advance ourselves in our career, and many get stuck after a while!!! There might be level to which you can advance, but everyone has things to learn, how big or small you are in an organization. So taking periodic training and professional development can help keep your team associates engaged (this can be in both technical or soft skills) and make them feel like they're progressing in their career, rather than being in a never ending monotonous cycle, compensated only through monthly salary.

Flowchart: Process: Personality Matters -



d. Implement Gratitude and Acknowledgement framework 

We all work hard or assign work to others to meet targets or goals to be satisfied, how often we take time to recognize the efforts of ourselves or our team!!! Gallup's analysis or survey says that "only one third of employees strongly agree that they have received appreciation or have been appraised for their work in a week".

This plays a very important role be it technical or non-technical field of work. Recognition does not need to be costly or complex, but it is proven to have a positive impact on spirits of employees. So we need to look out for avenues to recognize the great job done by the team wherever or whenever possible. Some of the techniques can be by implementing recognition programs (certificates, prizes etc.), appreciating team in your monthly team meetings and calling out what they have done well in a group. Also there will be forums, in your organization which gives opportunity to applaud your team member's effort's for their contribution. Irrespective of whether if it's your juniors or seniors, please do take out time and recognize efforts.

Every time encouraging a person by doing "PAT on his or her back" improves the employee's confidence and also enthusiasm in that person. So do appreciate and recognize each and every person!!!

Down Ribbon: Well Done!!! 

e. Invest in Health & Wellness

Last but not the least, health and wellness are essential for improved productivity and innovativeness. We all sit for long hours and that is not good for our team or individual's health, happiness, and mental ability. If not considered applying health and wellness practices into your day to day work, do consider and let us start now. I am sure in many IT companies you will have gym facility, make use of them. Keep a practice of eating healthy food in the office (find one which is good J). By inspiring fitness and having good food facilities for your employees, we can increase productivity make our team better-off and in good health J

Above fixes might bring the surprising  improvements to your office culture, but I am sure in order to keep the momentum going in the long run, you will have to think differently and think big on the leadership effectiveness!!!



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