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Quick Tips for EPBCS Series 1 - Adding a little pep to the morning Latte makes the difference!

Quick Tips for EPBCS Series1- Adding a little pep to the morning Latte makes the difference!

When it comes to EPBCS(Enterprise Planning Budgeting Cloud Service), I am indeed mad as a march hare and that is one reason why I couldn't let be in quietude when there is an issue that my customer would have..

 So the whole thing about the Cloud movement had and has its repercussions with security and with all the debate, discussions, assessments around bigger areas of data, there is a small side effect my customer was facing with its own corporate security policies. Be it the Workforce Module, Financial Planning, Capital Expense or Projects Planning, the capability of Email notification is available for below in no particular order.

  • 1.       Business Rule
  • 2.       Job Console
  • 3.       Task List
  • 4.       Approval - Process Management.

The only setting that defines the Business Rule notification is at the" System Settings and Defaults -> Advanced Setting" Section.


When it comes to Job Console / TaskList/Approval, you might want to be mindful of placing the settings at the correct place.. Navigation -> User Preferences->Application Settings as below.


So now, where is the problem? I faced an issue with one of my customer's "Planning Process Management" Email notification process. The issue is he non-receipt of Email notifications when a Plan/Budget is getting submitted for review/approvals by the PUH owner up to the next level in the hierarchy. Since I am expecting the email to come out from Process management, I should have ideally set the owner/reviewer email addresses properly in the Approval Unit -> Assign Owners Section.



With this being checked OK..I verified the section Preferences if all is set as it has to be. And Yes it is!


Fine and am I done here? Yes, when it comes to On-Premise, but there is another work area where you might want to actually double check. And it is "Application->Settings".


Though both means the same, not sure why it is being an intended process to have it set at both places. Am sure Oracle Product Team might have a valid justifiable reason, but what my little brain could think is that maybe we can have default application settings at the Application -> Settings area and then a user can toggle between default Application Setting and her/his own User preferences by just one check box enablement as against re-doing all the settings once again whenever they want a shift. Chances are they forget what it was before?? ;) So three areas to check now...highlighted in snippet below.



Over and above of this, provided we are good with these settings and still you are not able to receive the emails out to your corporate email address? The next attempt that I did was to test if it works fine for gmail or other personal email address. I replaced all of my corporate email address with Gmail. It sure worked as expected here, but the small note in blue mentioned it might be considered phishing email.


Reason: The Application owner is the same id as the recipient. This means, the sender address in the email and the recipient address in the email are the same.The sender address is a Gmail account that actually sends an email NOT actually from the Gmail Email Server. Then came the thought, will it be same issue with EPBCS? So my corporate Email Administration policies caused it?!! The email is out from the EPBCS application from the Oracle Emailing module, but carries my corporate emails address (app owner) at the sender address which originally doesn't gets generated from my company's email server. Hence my company gateway actually filters these emails for suspicion on the grounds of spoof/spam.

Email management appears de-centralized. But if we get the knack of it, see beyond what you see and understand the nuances of the design of the EPBCS Navigation ground, you will be doing the right thing in the right order to find it indeed works! At Infosys, while are fully focused on customer satisfaction, couldn't resist delivering what the customer aspired for.

Here is how we decided to tackle the situation at hand. Created a Admin id in my company's network. All it needed was an email routing address and an outlook to authenticate the first time password. and this would be my Application Owner/Admin. Will this solve my issue ? No way, again the same problem with policies. Well we then worked withIT team and Added the sender email address, IP Address in the exception. Bingo! This is one option to get your mission accomplished..

The other one is to follow Oracle guidelines:


One of the most trusted tool of the trade, being ePBCS, it of course definitely considers the fact that it matters most whether things are done on time and perfection!

I trust my coffee and I want it in my style! That put me on Never Give-Up or Compromise your needs mode.. It's just the OCD kicking in again..Do you need one now, in case you feel like dozing reading thru the above content in full?, Did you?


-Prithiba Dhinakaran

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