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Configuring DAC

This blog covers how to configure DAC 10g, 11g - setting up the server and client, importing the repository to DAC, Configuring the Informatica service and database, Scheduling the load and Running a sample load.

After going through this blog user shall be able to Configure DAC and Run/Schedule loads.

Setting up the server -

To start up the DAC server please perform the below steps -

1. Start server by clicking on 'standaloneServerSetupPrompt.bat' under <DACInstallHome>/Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console 11g\dac

2. Select 'Enter repository connection information' by entering 1

3. Choose your connection type - 'Oracle< Thin>' in this case

4. Enter the service name -

5. Give the Database Host details -

6. Give the port name -

7. You can give the DB Driver and DB URL if needed

8. You can change the Table Owner name details -

9. You can change the Key -

10. Save the changes -

11. Now test the repository connection

12. Connection was successfully established

13. Exit

14. Click on 'Startserver.bat' under under< DACInstallHome>/Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console 11g\dac to start the server

15. Status will be changed to Green or Orange from Red

Setting up the client -

1. Start DAC client by clicking on 'startclient.bat' under <DACInstallHome>/Oracle Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Administration Console 11g\dac

2. Click on Configure

3. Select 'Create Connection' and click on Next

4. Give Name, Service Name, Host details, Port name and click on Authentication File

5. Choose 'Create Authentication File' and click OK

6. Give the name and save it

7. Generate the authentication key by giving the DAC details

8. Click on 'Test Connection' to validate the connection

8. Then click on 'Apply' and then 'Finish'

9. Now, login with the created connection and by giving Username/Password. Select Authentication Type as DAC

10. DAC client is started

Importing the Repository -

1. Click on Tools à DAC repository management à Import

2. Locate the Container, select the 'Truncate the repository tables' & 'Enable bulk mode' options and click OK

3. Give the captcha and click Yes

4. This would take some time depending on the size of the container, the process should be completed popping the below message

5. Select Tools à DAC Server management à Repository Configuration

6. Give the host, port details of DAC server and save it.

Configuring Informatica -

1. After logging into the DAC client click on Setup tab

2. Then click on 'Informatica Servers'

3. Now click on New to create a new Informatica connection

4. Fill-up all the details of Informatica repository

5. Click on Test Connection and see that the connection is successful

6. Similarly give the server details

Configuring database -

1. After logging into the DAC, navigate to Setup à Physical Data Sources

2. Now click on 'New' tab and give all the necessary DB details

3. After giving all the details click on Test Connection to see that the connection is successful

Scheduling -

1. After logging into the DAC navigate to 'Execute' à Scheduler

2. Click on New.
Name - give a name

Execution Plan - select an Execution Plan to be scheduled

You can chose to run only once or on a recurrence pattern

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