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OTM and IoT Fleet Monitoring


Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) is known for logistics planning and execution across supply chain. One of the major challenge for Shippers and Logistics Service Providers is track the shipment on the move and identify any disruptions during the course of transportation.

Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring provides real time transportation visibility which will help in

  • Provides single window to view real time shipment status

  • Map view displays the exact location of vehicle which helps in deriving ETA of shipment.

  • Define geo-fencing rules for route deviations and unauthorized stops.

  • Define rules for incidents and warnings.

  • Shipments Planned in OTM can be automatically pushed to IoT Fleet Monitoring.

OTM -IoT Fleet Monitoring Integration

IoT Fleet Monitoring provides REST API's which will help in seamless integration with OTM. Based on events in OTM, shipment can be exported into IoT FM automatically. Shipment location, arrival/departure times can be published from IoT FM to OTM.



Benefits of IoT Fleet Monitoring for


  • Notify in advance for any potential delays.

  • Integrate with 3rd party TMS solutions.

  • Reduce the time spent on track and trace.

  • Get notified on arrival/departure of shipments.

  • Integrate with TMS to have a single view.


  • Notify in advance for any potential delays.

  • Shipments transported under specified conditions.

  • Reduce the time spent on track and trace.

  • Integrate with TMS to have a single view.

  • Get notified when shipment near consignee.


  • Notify when driver deviates from assigned route

  • Share real time locations with customers.

  • Identify Fuel Spending patterns and the reasons for extra fuel spent.

  • Integrate with TMS to have a single view.

  • Identify vehicle issues if any.

By Ravi Kiran Gurujala, OTM CoE.

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