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Getting Started with People soft Campus Solution

Overview on PeopleSoft Application

·         PeopleSoft is a comprehensive, multi-tasking ERP system

·         Various domains e.g. FSCM, HRMS, Campus solutions are integrated in the product

·         Flexibility in decision- making is enhanced due to integration of data in between different domains in PeopleSoft

·         Reporting can be in summarized and detailed analysis depending upon the requirement from single domain or consolidation of two or more domains

·         Robust facility for audit trail enables management to cater for user login transactions creating accountability across organizations

·         Reports and data can be synchronized for different accounting periods

Campus Solutions (CS 9.0, 9.1,9.2) Business Processes:

·         Student Management:


o   Recruit Prospects

o   Admin Students

o   Enroll in Classes

o   Advise & Transition Students

o   Manage Financial Services

o   Manage campus services

·         Academic Management

o   Schedule courses & Resources

o   Plan Academic Programs

o   Teach courses

·         Institutional Advancement

·         Campus Community

·         Personal Information Management

·         Maintaining Biography/Demographic/ Health Data

·         Maintaining Health Data

·         Maintaining Identification Data

·         Maintaining Participation Data

·         Organization Data Management

·         Maintaining Organization Data

·         Maintaining Event Data

·         Maintaining Committees

·         The 3Cs

o   Communications

o   Checklists

o   Comments

Below mentioned aspects are the main module in PeopleSoft Campus solution. These modules will be further divided into various subject area while creating analytical reports in OBIA. This getting started document will provide the basic approach or functional idea to start with Campus Solution and build new subject area and data model by customizing the exiting OOTB (OBIA) application in both ODI and OBIEE.


PeopleSoft Campus Community: All the data of those people, who are connected with the University. Basic information storage for those Personnel. People who are interested in the university.

·         Personal Information Management

·         Organization Data Management

·         Service Indicators: This can be uses as flag to determine & refrain individuals or organizations to get certain services or indication by proving positive or negative service indicators (e.g. student having attendance < 75%, will not be able to see his/her grades).

Recruiting & Admission:

It administers the admission process by managing recruits and tacking prospects and applicants. It includes the following: (Prospects - the person who come to university for admission, and become a student of the university)

·         Capture information about the prospective student

·         Maintain multiple application for individual, people soft allows to take admission for both UG and PG

·         Tailor admission requirement and processing for each & every academic programs.

·         Update/modify prospects status without manual intervention based on a program's individuals defined criteria

·         Automate evaluations and updates of admission decision

·         Automate evaluation

·         Eligibility Check, Biographical Details, Regional, Prospect Career Data (Program - UG/PG), Prospect Schooling, test Details, Query from Prospects

Student Records & Enrollment

Student Records enables you to enter, track, and processes all the academic information for the students. The major features of student records are:

    •         Enroll student - enroll
    •         Student term information - 1st term. 2nd term
    •         Career and Program information - ug /pg
    •         Transcripts - mark sheet
    •         Student background information -
    •         Advise Notes - teacher can provide advise notes
    •         Extracurricular Activates - extracurricular activities

Below are the details about some important aspects of Student Records & Enrollment. We have discussed these components in details because Student Records is one of the most important subject to be used in OBIA.

    •            Repeat Checking: It will allow the teacher or administrator to manage students' repetitive coursework.

·         Course Catalog: allow the supervisor/advisor to arrange courses for the prospects.

·         Enrollment Requisites: Allow supervisor arrange necessary groups & course lists.

·         Schedule of Classes: Allows supervisor to set up classes, search for amenities/facilities, and enroll the schedule from semester to semester.

·         Instructor Workload: Allows supervisor to modify, track, and report workload hours for individuals.

·         Program Activation and Management: Allows supervisor to enable students into academic programs and manage their academic program, plan, and sub plan data.

·         Batch Term Activation: Allows Enables you to activate groups of students into terms.

·         Quick Activation: Enables you to activate students into academic programs, bypassing the Activate Applications matriculation process (ABPCPPRC) in PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions.

·          Academic Statistics Consolidation and Reporting: allows you to prepare the system to consolidate academic statistics for students, to run processes that consolidate academic statistics, to make use of the consolidated statistics after processing them.

(CAN) Canadian Government Reporting: Enables users with an installation country of Canada to generate reports for federal and provincial agencies.

Curriculum management:

·         Scheduling courses and classes, -- which dates of class, timings, discussion components (creation of courses)

·         View and update class sections

·         Attendance roster by class - present /absent /late (class attendance)

  1.             Attendance roster by student
  2.             Defining course assignments - surprise test
  3.              Instructor/advisor information - teacher

Student Financial Module:

Student financial module in Campus solution of PeopleSoft ERP will deal with the education Fees structure of the student in any institution. This module will be holding account information for every student according to their course, term & year. In some cases, there may some exception where student is part courses which belong free course category. These kind of records may not be found in this module. This module in consists of different sub module with in itself, which are as follows:


    •         Account type (S/F Account Type)
    •         Item Type (Charge/payment/Deposit/ Concession)
    •         Criteria(UG/PG)
    •         Term Fee (75000)
    •        Tuition Group (B. Tech 2018)
    •        Target (The account, the whole money is going)
    •         Tender (Cash, Demand Draft)
  • Student Financial Aid

Financial aid business process helps to automate financial aid processing for federal and institutional with further efficiency. It also allows the administrator to manage the aspects of financial aid activity for applicants and prospects with much flexibility.

With this application, you can:

    •         This module will help intuition to receive and keep track of financial aid application in more intuitive way
    •         Design cost of attendance assessment by defining budget categories, items, and formulas.
    •         Enable institution to Manage loan processing, packaging and distribution based upon the need analysis
    •         Process and calculate different grants and awards, e.g. Pell award
    •         Provide financial aid to needy and eligible student
    •         Modify/update the letter of financial aid
    •         Maintain various federal compliance regarding direct loan and other aspects
    •         Enable student to take control of accepting, declining or viewing award awarded to them
    •         Enable the admin to provide opportunity for work-study programs culture to student

Gradebook Business Processes

Below mentioned components are the main aspects of Gradebook processing:

    •         Entry of the class Assignment for each and every classes for a particular department.
    •         Allow to enter grade for every assignment to a Prospect
    •         Allow the supervisor to export the grade for a particular class for a specific assignment
    •         Enable to supervisor/advisor to review any assignment
    •         Provides the ability to review the grade assigned to any prospect


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