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First Timer for OAC- Essbase on Cloud..Let's get Hand's On -Rocket Speed!

First Timer for OAC- Essbase on Cloud..Let's get Hand's On -Rocket Speed!

Well, the launch of a rocket needs to consistently be on bar with 4.9 miles a second and yes this is 20 times the speed of sound. That's what defines the greatness and even the prime reason for a successful space launch.

There is going to be Blog series from Infosys on the Essbase on Cloud component of the OAC ( Oracle Analytics Cloud) Service [ should I say "oak" and "o.a.c"? I rather like it the former as it gained popularity that way the last 3 years]. This would constitute 6 Blogs in a staircase step fashion that is going to enable on-premise Essbase consultants and developer and also new bee from the BI world to gain control over OAC Essbase at Rocket speed! We start with landing page in blog 1 and will end with using Essbase as Sandbox for multiple data sources in blog 6(coming soon..)

Much to the release of OAC in 2014 as the most

a)       comprehensive analytics offering in the cloud

b)      having business intelligence

c)       big data analytics

d)      Embedded SaaS analytics

e)      Lately -Essbase on Cloud got released in the second half of 2017.

OAC now got even more packed with introductions of Synopsis, Mobile HD, the Day by Day App.


The first step...Set up an user in OAC - Essbase to move on..

As a pre-requisite, we would have an admin credentials to login and set up access for the other needful folks in your team!

OAC -Essbase login page: Once you click on the link for Essbase Analytics Cloud, you would see the entry gate to enter the admin user name password. Doing that and clicking on Sign-In button will take you to the Landing page.


This is the first screen called the Landing page. Since i have not created any application yet, you see an empty list in the left column. On the Right is a set of neatly arranged cards providing amazingly great ease of access -all that you might need in one view.




 Get your focus to the security icon to accomplish our work and that is obvious in the landing page. Those that are accustomed to the cards concepts in EPM Saas Products, this would be not be a surprise but rather on a white background.




Once you there, you would see three buttons on the right -"Import", "Export","Create" - very much self explanatry what they are meant for!! :) Apparently you by now know to Click on "Create" button to create new users:


 Provide ID, name, email, password , and role for the new user:



 List of Users of are currently available on OAC - Essbase will be listed here ..


Creating another user can be done in the same sequence of steps and/or via the Import option for Bulk creation of Users.

Please be cognizant of the fact that the above method is different from the Users and Roles managed via the IDCS Console. We will drill into the BI Analytics service instance specific application roles and authorized users in a sequel. The goal behind that security section revolves around the Access and Actions. A user can access only the data that is appropriate for him/her. This is achieved by applying access control in the form of catalog permissions in the Catalog and Home pages. Secondly, a user can perform only those actions that are appropriate to him/her. This is achieved by applying user rights in the form of privileges performed in the Administration page.

 Now that my id and access has been set up let's look at step 2 the Application creation in the blog 2(coming soon..soon as in tomorrow!..)

Thank you,

Prithiba Dhinakaran


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