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Hyperion EPMA Way

For developers in Hyperion community, choosing between Classic Vs EPMA approach has been a vital one. This blog gives a brief  insight to EPMA approach.

Features -

  1. For HFM applications EPMA provides a better interface for managing metadata
  2. Dimensions from Shared library can be shared in individual applications as Shared and/or Local dimension. Same Chart of Accounts can be used in HFM & Hyperion Planning application.

  3. Make bulk changes using Grid Editor . Select the members for the rows.













    Select the properties for the columns.












    Make changes to member properties for selected members, copy paste also works for multiple changes.

  4. Track changes made to Metadata

  5. Dimension can be maintained in single repository (Shared Library) , from shared library dimensions can be shared with applications in dimension library or local dimensions can be created .
  6. Metadata synchronization from Dimension library to shared library and vice versa can be done on demand, for Shared & Local dimension.

    Benefits over Classic applications-:

    1. For HFM, metadata can be managed in dimension library as compared to classic where metadata has to be exported using HFM client and then imported again after making changes.

    2. Managing metadata is easier. Make changes in shared library and it reflects in all target application  

    3. In EPMA the dependency upon the traditional ETL tools is reduced to a much extent. It provides a single interface where hierarchies can be built and loaded to various applications through flat files and interface tables.

    4. Through EPMA we get facility to automate dimension update and maintain applications like Import Profiles and Application Deployment can be invoked through the EPMA batch client for an automated dimension update process.

    5. EPMA integrates easily with database, flat file as well as DRM.

    Author -

    Jagjot Singh Chadha , ORCALL

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