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Resource demand analysis with High Level Resource Planning

Resource feature getting used in Primavera is limited to the projects that are in hand/currently running and resource assignment is done appropriately for the same.

But for EPC Organizations having turnover more than $500M-$1Billion or more they always have a need to know the resource shortage/excess they have on board for the next 2 years or atleast for next 6 months or 1 year at a high level.

Organizations are using different methods to get this high level resource plan for company to company mainly to know the manual worker count required example for welders/fitters/riggers etc. in the next coming year or so where this requirement and usage are at peak level every year and having a difficulty to get at the right time such resources on board.

However this can be mitigated using a feature 'High Level Resource Planning' in Primavera Web module itself but the Primavera capability is used only for a narrow level of Project Planning, Scheduling, Resource Assignments capabilities by most of the EPC Organizations however the potential to tap it's usage is already inherent to plan even for an Organizational level Project staffing requirements and mainly for EPC sectors yet not dived into that functionality.

At any given point in time Primavera already provides the Resource analysis graph for the current running projects assignments cumulatively with high level resource planning being done now we are able to get the picture to depict on Manpower planning in future.

Resource planning flow of Organizations when High Level Resource Planning is in use:



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