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OAC Essbase Application Migrations from On-Premise

OAC Essbase Application Migrations from On-Premise:


I am working on the Oracle EPM Cloud implementation project which is focused on migrating on-premise Essbase applications to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) Essbase cloud applications. The OAC Essbase provides few utilities which can be used for exporting applications from On-Premise application and importing it into OAC environment. This document explains about how to migrate the Essbase applications to OAC using utilities.



Below are utilities which is downloaded from OAC environment. I have downloaded the  Export Utility and Command Line Tool to my local machine for migrating on-premise applications to OAC Essbase.

                1. EssbaseLCMUtility

                2. CommandLineUtility





       To use the Essbase LCM utility and Command line interface, Java JDK 8 should be installed and the JAVA_HOME path should be set.

       On-Premises Essbase applications should be converted to Unicode mode (UTF-8 encoding) before migrating into OAC Essbase environment. I used the below maxl script to convert the application into Unicode mode.

I have changed the Server level variables to Application level variables.

Exporting On-Premise Application

       I have followed the blow steps to export the on-premise application using Essbase LCM Utility.

       Open the 'CMD' and change the directory to 'D:\EssbaseLCMUtility' where I have downloaded the utility.

       Run the below command to export the application from Essbase. This command exports the data and artifacts.

                EssbaseLCM.bat export -server -user TestAdmin

                -password ******** -application TEST -zipfile -skipProvision


Export Application - Progress



Application Export Folder

-          The Application folder is exported to EssbaseLCMUtility Folder.



Importing the application into OAC

I have manually copied the exported application folder to CommandLineUtility home folder.




 Importing the application to OAC

·         I have executed the below CLI commands to import the application folder into OAC Essbase.

·         Set the Java Home and CLI Home:

                                SET CLI_HOME=D:\CommandLineUtility

                                SET JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161

·         Logging into OAC:

                                esscs login -user TestAdmin -url

·         Importing Application into OAC:

                                Esscs lcmimport -v -zipfilename


Import Application - Progress




Application in OAC Environment

Application migration is succeesful. Go to OAC application console and refresh the application list to see the migrated application.








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