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Oracle Cloud R13- One Time Payment Request

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud R13 offers functionality to import invoice and payment details as Payables Payment Request from external systems using a predefined FBDI template

Supplier for the request

ü  Not an existing supplier in Oracle

ü  Entered as a Party

ü  Cannot be queried at Manage Supplier page

ü  Cannot be reused for standard invoice

ü  Bank Details (Account Number, Bank, Branch) are required to be entered in the import data

FBDI Template - Payables Payment Request Import

ü  The 18A Template can be downloaded from below link

Payables Payment Request Import

ü   Key Template Columns 

Column Name


Transaction Identifier

Invoice identifier to uniquely identify the OTP request

Party Name

Name of the Supplier/Party

Party Original System Reference

Reference information of party from the source system

Party Type

Supplier Type.

Party type can only be Person, Organization, Group or Relationship.

Location Original System Reference

Source System Reference for location.


Country of Party Address

Address Line 1, 2, 3, 4

Address Line 1, 2, 3, 4 of Party Address

City, State, Postal Code

City, State, Postal Code of Party Address

Supplier Bank Details

Account Country, Currency, Account#, Type, Bank & Branch #

Business Unit & LE

Business Unit and Legal Entity


One Time Payments (This is defined at Payables Lookup, Type= Source)

Invoice Details

Invoice Number, Date, Currency, Description, Paygroup, Payment Term

Payment Method

Mode of Payment

Liability Combination

Liability Account Code Combination.

If left blank, value of this field defaults from the setup.


Mandatory Setups

1.       Enable One Time Supplier feature for the instance (View image)

2.       Add the OTP Code as Payables Source (View image)

3.       Add the source at Trading Community Source System (View image)

4.       Enter default Liability and Expense accounts at 'Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement' (View image)

5.       Enter default location at 'Manage Business Unit' (View image)

Creating Payment Request Invoice and Payment

1.       Prepare the FBDI template with Payment Process Request data (View image)

2.       Generate csv and zip files from template (View image)

3.       Upload the zip to UCM Server. Account- fin/payables/import (View image)

4.       Run 'Load Interface File for Import' process to load the data to interface table (View image)

5.       Run 'Import Payables Payment Request' process. Source: OTP (View image)

6.       Invoice created (View image)

7.       Payment can be made by selecting 'Pay in Full' from Invoice Action or Creating a new Payment at Manage Payments.

 1099 Reporting for Payables Payment Requests

1099 reporting is not supported for One Time Payments. Assumption is that the source application generating one-time payments would handle any tax requirements.  If payments handled within Oracle Cloud Financials require 1099 then the supplier needs to be created in Oracle and paid by invoice.



This is a very good article . However , is Bank account mandatory if payment is via Check ?

Very well written and structured blog. Thanks.

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