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Mobile First strategy with Oracle CX Mobile App to boost your Sales

In today's competitive world, organizations are emphasizing on building a culture of proactive sales with responsibility of identifying leads, new account openings and agility in closing deals. To enable this, organizations are looking towards recent technology innovations to equip sales team with accurate and anywhere, anytime access to information that would make them more proactive and productive.  

In recent times, most revolutionary change we have seen in technology world is Mobility. This has empowered sales persons quickly have the right information in their hands and enables collaboration with teams while on the move.

In this blog, would discuss about must have Mobile Use stories and capabilities that would imbibe a culture of agile Sales Organization using Oracle CX Mobile App.



Next Best Action: Upcoming Appointments and Due Tasks

Sales person typically start their day with checking of calendar for appointments and to-do list. An integrated view of appointments and due Tasks for the week would help them plan activities better and effectively.

Oracle CX Mobile App provides sales person calendar view that provides list of daily appointments and tasks with timely reminders. Using this mobile apps, Sales persons can directly capture the meeting notes, Call reports, debriefing and action items which can be immediately shared with the extended teams and synced back Oracle Sales Cloud for further actions.



Optimize Customer Visits

Sales persons often struggle to plan their customer visits in an optimally way and sometimes they miss to visit the customers because of not having the right details and coordinates of the customer meetings. This will lead to customer dissatisfaction and probably loss of the deal.

With the introduction of View map feature in Oracle CX Mobile App helps Sales Team to view and plan all the customer visits near to the same location in single trip. This feature considers, current location coordinates of sales person and displays the current deals in that vicinity. This will helps them to plan their trips effectively and avoid any back and forth trips to the same location and improves the sales team productivity in customer engagements


Manage Deals on the Go

Most of the times Sales person do not show interest to capture information in the application, reasons could be many ranging  from time constraints or cumbersome application to use, no network connectivity  or always on the move. This could lead to potential leak in sales person targets and organizations revenues.

With Oracle CX Mobile App, sales team can manage their Leads, Opportunities and Contacts data easily on the go, its simple and easy to use interface enables ease of entering data online as well as offline.  That allows the sales person to spend more time in client engagements instead of figuring out what to capture in the application.

Also Oracle CX Mobile App does offer voice navigation, works as a virtual sales assistant and interactively guides the sales team through common activities.


Collaborative Workforce

Sales person often struggle to get the right information to close the deal and this will lead to slippage of deadlines, moving targets and revenue loss which no sales organizations would ever want.

Oracle CX Mobile App breaks this silo by encouraging team collaboration using in built Oracle Social network tools. This empowers the sales team to collaborate with the various teams in the organization and get required information on time.

Point to be noted here is, present version of CX Mobile App, users would need to install Oracle Social network App for collaboration. We hope in future all of this will be in one app does all.

Analytical Insights

Gone are the days where business analytics and intelligence reports are accessible only in desktops or laptops and meant for Managers.  Being the front face of the organization, Sales person are responsible for mining and identifying the new deals, so they are constantly looking for Analytical tools which can help them access the customer information while on the move, sitting in the meeting room with customers with little or no dependency on the IT teams.  

Introduction of mobile enabled Business Analytics and Intelligence tools, Sales persons now can slice and dice the data based on the customer's historic trends, purchase patterns, products interested. With these Analytic tools at their disposal they can create a new up-sell opportunities on the fly and have the flexibility to offer something new to customers while on the move.

Oracle CX Cloud Mobile supports in build Analytics as part of the Oracle CX Mobile app which can help the Sales team to access the information and present to right forums at right times. After all, when it comes to closing the deals, the more reliable information sales team have, the better they will be able to achieve organization objectives/Close the deals.


Note: Figures courtesy Oracle CX Cloud documentation

Extensibility of Mobile UI

Tailoring the UI to meet various customer needs, CX Mobile App offers simple capability to change the UI to meet varying customer needs. 

Having said that Simplified UI or web UI remains the primary UI and Mobile is alternate UI, while designing the Mobile apps we need to keep in mind the form factor of mobile device and also carefully plan the priorities for sales team while they are on move.

Certain Short falls in existing Mobile App., which would like Oracle to incorporate in future releases

          • Integration with Instant messengers likes WhatsApp, WeChat or Telegram to foster Internal Sales Collaboration for quick responses

          • Integrated Business Card Scanning App- this would encourage contact sales rep to directly transfer contact data into Sales Cloud application.

          • Comprehensive Voice Chat Bot with Natural Language Support (AI), which would enable sales reps to record transactions on the go from creating Call Reports to updating activities.


          By choosing Mobile First strategy using Oracle CX Mobile app, organizations can reap the benefits by improving the sales person productivity, reduce costs, automate manual activities and increase the organization revenues with new deals and customers. After all, this is for the betterment of the organization who dares to say no. So get ready to embrace the Mobile First Strategy....

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