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How Oracle Service Cloud can transform Customer Service Experience in Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunication industry is seeing tremendous growth in India and other Asian markets. However there is also intense competition among the telecommunication service providers (TSP) with new entrants coming into the market. Take India for example where Reliance Jio entered the telecom space offering the latest 4G VOLTE technology, deep discounts and lot of freebies. This has put lot of pressure on incumbents to reduce their tariffs by a huge margin. In this cut throat competition when cost of customer acquisition is high, it becomes important for TSP's to keep their customers happy and retain them. This is where technology can enable companies to provide superior customer experience.

In the customer experience software area, there are number of leading products such as Oracle CX Cloud, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SAP CRM, PEGA etc. In this blog, I am focusing on Oracle's Service Cloud product, its features and how it can help address the challenges faced by telecom industry. Oracle Service Cloud offers best in class customer service experience with features like omni channel contact center, mobile self-service, and knowledge centered service etc. TSP's can improve customer service experience using these features.


Let us take a deeper look at how Oracle Service Cloud can help transform the customer service experience for TSP's.

Omni Channel Contact Center:

OSvC's Omni-Channel contact center - Agent Desktop provides a complete 360 degree view of the customer. Irrespective of the channel in which customer makes contact, this can include - phone (CTI), email, chat, self-service portal, social media & community portal, Agent Desktop allows Customer Service Agents (CSR's) to proactively monitor customer service needs and respond to them from a single application. OSvC's out of the box Dashboards and workflow provide a true 360 view of customer. This can include data fetched from different external systems such as billing, usage etc.

Knowledge Centered Service:
OSvC is KCS (knowledge centered service) certified and uses knowledge as the core method of delivering service. Customers get access to knowledge content via the self-service portal which allows them to view, rate as well as subscribe to FAQ's, How to documents etc. It can even proactively show knowledge articles when customers choose to submit a new service request. CSR's can use smart assistant feature which proactively searches knowledge base based on case description and presents this data to them. This KCS approach helps TSP's to increase call deflection rate and reduce customer service costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Mobile Self-service:
Research has shown that in developing countries such as India, consumers use mobile devices to access internet. With mobile internet penetration increasing, it becomes important to provide a self-service application for customers which can be accessed through any device. OSvC's self-service portal comes with out of the box mobile templates which allow TSP's to enable self-service options for mobile devices. Customers can have the ability to access knowledge, submit a request, initiate live chat as well as provide feedback all from their mobile.

Feedback/Survey Management:
Gauging customer feedback and acting upon it is a key element to retain customers and increase their satisfaction for the service provided. In this cut throat competition in the telecom space, retaining existing customers is very important for TSP's. OSvC's feedback/survey management allows different types of surveys to be quickly configured and launched. Customers can provide feedback through channels like email, web link etc. OSvC's powerful analytics features can analyze the feedback provided by customers, understand the intent using key words mentioned and present customer sentiment dashboards. This allows CSR's to take proactive action when needed and alleviate customer's problems which helps to build trust and increase their satisfaction.

In conclusion, maintain a strong focus on customer support experience by telecom service providers can help retain existing customers and help save customer re-acquisition costs. As we have seen on this blog, Oracle Service Cloud can not only improve customer service for telecom industry, but it can truly transform the customer experience through the best of breed features it offers.

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