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Improving HR Helpdesk Service delivery via Oracle Service Cloud

Employee relations and employee satisfaction are some of the key areas of focus for Human Resources (HR) group in any organization. One of the important tools that helps HR in keeping the employees satisfied is a Helpdesk platform which can act as a single application for addressing various employee queries. Lack of a helpdesk solution or a poor helpdesk solution can leave employees confused and make them search for various options to report any grievance or look for an answer. Some of the common challenges employees face for HR related queries include:

No single application for raising queries related to HR.
Prolonged query resolution from HR due to incorrect assignment of queries
No dashboards for HR managers to study and analyze the employee queries and resolution time.
No real time employee engagement

Infosys HR Helpdesk Solution is a pre-configured, Oracle Service Cloud based multi-channel HR inquiry/complaint management solution with self- service portal for employee engagement. Our solution can integrate with any leading HCM application to fetch basic employee information. This solution can enable organizations to improve their employee experience.

The main features of this solution are:

Employee Inquiry/Complaint Management
Pre-configured Guided resolution flows
Pre-defined workflows for common HR related requests 
Self-service portal for employees
Integrated knowledge for employees and HR associates - HR policies, FAQ's etc.
Employee Dashboard
Analytics/Dashboards for HR managers
Live Chat & Virtual Assistant


Let us deep dive into some of the key solution features to understand how this can help transform the employee experience.

Pre-configured guided resolution flows:
Using Service Cloud's HR associate desktop HR associate Scripts feature, our solution as a set of pre-configured guided resolution flows for HR associates and customers. These flows provide a sequence of questions with answer options which guide the HR associate or customer to the best resolution available. These guided flows help in reducing training necessary for HR associate thereby reducing costs. For e.g. if an employee raises a request to know about health insurance benefits offered by the company, guided flow will show a series of questions related to this, thereby helping HR associate ask the right questions.

Pre-defined HR case workflows:
Our HR helpdesk solution uses Service Cloud's workflow feature to provide a set of pre-defined workflows which provide contextual screens based on the case type. For e.g. a benefits case will have a screen with fields such insurance type, covered members etc, whereas a compensation related case will have details basic salary, bonus structure etc.

Integrated Knowledgebase:
Using Service Cloud's knowledge foundation features, our solution provides ability for employees to access HR policies, FAQ's etc directly from self-service portal. In addition, the portal is also accessible from mobile devices which makes the HR policy information available for employees at all times. HR associates can also access the knowledge content from agent desktop.

Employee Dashboard:
One of the best features of our HR helpdesk solution is a comprehensive employee dashboard. When an employee logs into the self-service portal, he/she will be navigated to a dashboard page. This provides a 360 view of all areas that an employee needs in the form of widgets. Data in this dashboard can include their basic employee details, leave information, training details, employee hierarchy, and recent requests to HR etc. The data in these widgets can be fetched from any HR system such as workday, Oracle HCM cloud, SAP success factors, etc.


HR Manager Analytics/Dashboard:
Using Service Cloud's analytics module, our solution offers comprehensive dashboards to HR managers or supervisors which allow them to keep track of all areas of employee interaction. Managers can not only track and analyze the employee requests/cases, but also know the employee sentiment through the feedback survey analytics.

As detailed in this blog, the features of this solution can increase employee satisfaction & improve their morale which can in turn help to reduce employee attrition. This Helpdesk solution can offer a superior employee experience for organizations who want to provide an engaging platform for their employee interaction.

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