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OAC Data Visualization (DVD/DVCS) New Features

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is getting matured in the industry and gaining customer trust. So Oracle is adding more and more new and innovative features to make the product more usable and make more compatible in today's ever changing market.

There are number features has been added in the OAC DV version 4 and 5 which will provide whole new set functionalities that will enable OAC users to harvest features and functionality like OBIEE. We are going to discuss few of the new and exciting features in the below article with some live example:

·         Drill via Existing Column in Same Visulization

·         Drill to another Canvas or URL

·         Use one analysis as a filter for whole canvas

·         Pattern Brushing

·         Synchronized Visualization

·         Explain Feature

1.      Drill via Existing column in Same Visualization

When we are performing some ad-hoc analysis and creating an intuitive summary report we may need to drill to detail level in the same visualization or analysis to get a detailed idea about the underlying information, which is forming the summary value. This can easily be done by right clicking on the data point (or e.g. bar/pie in a chart) to select the appropriate column to go to the detailed data. For an example, in the below Bar chart we can select any month and go to the product level to see individual product sales.

Drill via Data 1.JPG

Drill via Data 2.JPG

Drill via Data 3.JPG

2.      Drill to Another Canvas or URL

There may be need when we would like to see the whole detailed information not only corresponding to a particular column but a detailed report present in different canvas either in the same project or different project. This will also allow us to choose what column to pass to the next canvas as parameter. This can be simply done by creating drill down feature from the Data action pane. So in the below analysis, if we would like to see the canceled product in a detailed report. First we will click on the top right corner (3 dots) and open the data actions pane. From there we have to choose a name for the drill down, anchor data (on which drill option will be available, upon right click), name of the canvas or URL to go and name of the columns to pass as drill down parameters to the next canvas.

Drill to Other Canvas 1.JPG

Drill to Other Canvas 2.JPG

Drill to Other Canvas 3.JPG

Drill to Other Canvas 4.JPG

3.      Use one analysis as a Filter for whole canvas

As the outline suggested, Sometimes we want to use a particular analysis to use a filter for the entire canvas. This can be easily achieved by just right clicking on a particular analysis/chart and click on use a filter option. In the below chart we can use Sales by month as a filter for the next chart (Sales by Country).

Filter 1.JPG

Filter 2.JPG

4.      Pattern Brushing

Patter brushing is a new and innovative feature to highlight similar data points on the respective charts and graphs/analysis upon clicking on particular data point from different chart in a same canvas. We can see that when we click or select any number of months (data points) in the bar graph, corresponding months also get highlighted on the tabular format.

Pattern Brushing 1.JPG

View image

5.      Synchronized Visualization

Synchronized visualization is a very useful feature which allows the smart user to select any data point from particular chart/graph and rest of the visualizations from the canvas gets automatically filtered. In the below image we can see when we use keep selected option for any month the next visualization also shows the data corresponding to the same month. We can also disable this feature by unchecking the synchronize option from the top right side of the canvas.

Synchonized Visualization 1.JPG

Synchonized Visualization 2.JPG

Synchonized Visualization 3.JPG

6.      Explain Feature

As the name suggest this a brand new functionality provided by OAC DV version 5. Sometimes when we deal with some new and unknown data set and we are curious about a particular column and their data structure and type we can easily use Explain feature to get the required details. To get the explanation for a particular column, simply right click on the column name and click on EXPLAIN COLUMN_NAME option. The below images outlined the topic in a nutshell.

Explain Feauture 1.JPG

Explain Feauture 2.JPG

All the visualization has been created on the latest version of OAC and using Sample Sales Data available at here.

We will provide more details in future as Oracle introduce new features to OAC in upcoming blogs.



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