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Uncover Dun & Bradstreet Data in Oracle Cloud with DaaS and CDM Cloud

Few weeks ago, there was a client requirement for which we had to respond. It was about updating the Dun & Bradstreet scores for their customers in Oracle Cloud Financials. It was not a straight forward requirement as lot of functionalities have changed and in Oracle Cloud Financials. I came across the "DaaS" concept in Cloud which allows a user to consume the entire historical data of a customer in to their own ERP systems.

It made me anxious to explore this concept further and to understand how the integration with Dun & Bradstreet can help the customers. Unlike R12 version or any previous versions of Oracle, there is no direct integration or there is no standard API provided for Oracle Cloud to pull the D&B data to customer master or TCA architecture. This is the most important change in Oracle Cloud and this has paved way for the new service - "DaaS".

Let's try to understand this new concept of "DaaS" and what it has to offer as a solution to customers through its connect with other cloud applications



What you get?



DaaS, popularly known as Social Data and Insight, is nothing but Oracle Data as a Service. This service in Oracle Cloud helps the user to connect and gather the statistical data of the customers which can be used by them in more relevant and efficient way.

·         Customer History

·         Statistical Data

·         Customer Credit Scores

·         Net Worth

·         Performance etc.

·         Gather the statistical data of the customers which can be used by them in more relevant and efficient way

·         Efficient, Cost Effective and more powerful tool to understand the business of a customer

·         Customer data is up to date which helps the sales team to plan on what they need to sell and to whom it should be sold.

·         It can be integrated with Oracle Cloud Applications

Oracle Cloud Connect with DaaS

Enable the access to Daas in Oracle Cloud - this establishes online integration with DaaS to provide the Customer Data that can be consumed in Oracle Cloud

·         Seamless integration with the customer data

·         Most accurate and clean data for impactful business

·         Option to search, group, match or export customer data to other Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud - CDM

Cloud module that is used to create, maintain and consolidate all its customer data that comes from different source systems

·         Consolidated and clean Customer master data

·         Single Source of truth which can help in managing an impactful business and make quick decisions

·         Duplicate Customer Data is prevented

·         Real Time data

·         Validations can be done in both batch mode and in real time

·         Fuzzy search function for matching

·         Improved data management that can help in improved sales and revenue

DaaS and CDM

DaaS holds and provides more accurate information about the customers to Oracle CDM. The data in the DaaS is updated/enriched in real time to maintain the up to date details related to customers

·         Holds comprehensive customer data, contacts, addresses, profiles, relationship with other customers

·         Provides an option to search the financial data like revenue, number of resources, location, its competitors etc.

·         Enriched and current data of the customers to CDM

·         User can import/search about the new customers, competitors etc. on line

·         Provides the competitive edge over their competitors as they have the access to millions of customer records

After understanding the above concept, it's now time to look at how Oracle Cloud integrates with Dun & Bradstreet to get the customer information. 

As mentioned earlier, there is no direct integration with Oracle versions nor APIs to fetch the D&B data to Oracle cloud. Customers mainly look to update the company data like DUNS number, Profile, Credit Scores, Financial History and its relationship with other companies etc. Now, all these data are accessible directly by Oracle Sales and Marketing Customers through DaaS.

As DaaS provides the option to export, enrich, access customer details online, it can be very much said that DaaS improves the quality of the existing customer account information. There is no wait time for a user as the data can be consumed real time to Oracle Cloud Application. User has a choice to improve upon/add more details to his customer database either on - Real Time mode or Batch Mode or Manual Mode.

Having laid out the advantages, Oracle DaaS has its own set of limitations -

  • D&B hosted records can be used only with -

    1. Oracle Sales Cloud (Engagement Cloud)

    2. Oracle Customer Data Management - CDM

    3. Oracle Marketing Cloud Suite

    4. Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud suite that includes Talent Management

    5. Oracle Social Relationship Management Cloud suite

    6. Oracle Cloud BI Apps suite

  • If you want to use the D&B records in more than one application, then a separate license is required for DaaS.


In the end, considering the large database that one gets access to, DaaS can actually turn into a major influential factor for many clients planning to move to Cloud.


Hi Karthik,

We have a similar requirement for our client. Can you please let me know your contact details to discuss it further.


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