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Reconciling Items Conversion Utility

Problem Statement:

Every month after running transaction matching, users were left with few unmatched transactions which were qualifying as reconciling items. For e.g. in control disbursement account, outstanding cheques for a month are reconciling items for that month and should match the GL balance.

Oracle ARCS does not provide the out of box capability to convert these unmatched transactions into reconciling items automatically.


Our solution aims at facilitating the movement of unmatched transaction to reconciliation compliance module in ARCS, eliminating user intervention in the process, thereby resulting in complete investment in automation.

This macro based excel utility is developed to convert unmatched transactions in transaction matching to reconciling items in reconciliation compliance in ARCS acceptable file format.

The Source file for the utility will be the extract of unmatched transactions from the corresponding Matching.

Overview of Solution:

The execution of the utility is a 5-step process which includes:

1.      Export unmatched transactions from Matching to prepare the Source File.


2.      Click "Convert to Reconciling Items" command button given against the Account Type in the utility.


3.      Select File to select the source file, saved in Step 1.


4.      Select the Output folder & Output file name for the target file.


5.       Import the target file generated in Step 4 into Reconciliation Compliance as adjustments on the corresponding Account Id.



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