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Digital Manufacturing Execution System integrated with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

With digitization of shop floors, organizations are looking for manufacturing execution systems that have fail safe mechanism, single touch reporting, minimum data entry requirement and tightly integrated with core ERP. The MES should have ability to connect with third part drawing and image systems to display 3-D models to operators and integration with PLCs such as Torque Wrench and test beds. It also requires enrichment of data at much granular level to add work instructions, sequence of events to aid the operator with details to avoid judgmental decisions.

Oracle Manufacturing Execution cloud provides basic manufacturing capabilities including setting up factory floor space, resources, operations, work definitions (router) and execution capabilities like standard and non-standard work order, reworks and transform. It also provides end to end solution to manage quality control and implement maintenance schedule for the equipment's. However, with a missing MES application many customers feel the need to augment manufacturing experiences with following features

  • Ability to add detailed work instructions to a router which is not a count point for ERP
  • Technician's workbench to display work orders based on the work center he is associated to
  • Technician skill validation to ensure he is qualified enough to work on the job
  • Technician's clock-in and clock-out of each operation step to track the execution time
  • Ability to model parallel operation specially in a "Print to Build" assembly of complex integrated products such as gas assemblies and panels
  • Integration to record quality non-conformance and quality results at operation step
  • Andon board production status dashboard to show the health of manufacturing
  • Easy to use UI, touch screen, web intuitive enabled console with minimum data entry
  • Real time integration with Oracle cloud for WIP execution & valuation
  • Persona based Mfg. Engineer & Operator console with easy navigation
  • Display 3-D models to operators during complex assembly operations

Infosys Light MES PaaS Solution

Infosys Oracle Practice has built a modular and integrated MES app for filling in the whitespace and can be readily deployed to customers in Hi-Tech and Industrial that uses or intend to use Oracle Cloud application. The scope of the solution not limiting to:

  • Fully configurable MES PaaS using open source technology - opt-in features based on business requirements
  • Master data maintained in Oracle cloud - no data duplication and dual maintenance
  • Real time two way integration between Oracle cloud and MES
  • Touch screen enabled, modern UI including adapters for label printing
  • Validates operator skill-set, clocks operations, capture lot/serial at point of use, displays drawings, tools, safety, consumable to be used on the operations
  • Capture quality inspection data and also create nonconformance issue
  • Update meter readings for assets, create maintenance work orders

Integration Reference Architecture:

The integration architecture is built on a modular principle and can be deployed on any integration technology such as Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), Dell BOOMI and MuleSoft.

Benefits of Infosys MES App

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