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Essbase 21c Support Matrix


*OS Update Level: 
The version listed specifies the minimum update level / service pack / technology level certified.
For example, 6 means that 6 and higher is certified.


A plus sign (+) after the fourth digit in the version number indicates that this and all higher
versions of the JRE/JINIT/JDK extensions are certified. For example, 1.8.0_131+ means that
1.8.0_131 and any higher 1.8.0_xxx versions are certified.

Client Support:



The Oracle databases listed in this column are supported on all platforms that the database supports.
heck Database Certification Matrix for details.
All Oracle configurations - Single instance, RAC, XA, DR are supported. No support with Oracle DB XE.
Oracle recommends using latest Oracle DB PSU's. For latest recommended patch information, refer to 

Direct SQL: 
Direct SQL allows users to connect to the data sources by provide direct SQL in rules files

Platform SQL refers to performing a data load or dimension build using the Connections
and Datasource constructs.



ID & Access:

Note 1: 

For both Oracle Essbase and Oracle Essbase on OCI - Weblogic Embedded LDAP is provided and
is not recommended for production use cases.

Note 2:

All the security provides supported are based on the Weblogic security mode. For details refer:

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