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February 11, 2021

My Anaplan Certification Journey

My Anaplan Certification Journey



Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. - Benjamin Franklin

These words by Benjamin Franklin are true reflection of Anaplan's Academy course as the course not only provide the theoretical knowledge but also gives a hand on experience of building the models. So the first question is What is Anaplan and what are the models that I am talking about. Anaplan is a cloud based platform that enables planning. Models include a full business use case. What is a business use case? It is an issue that an Anaplan model is built to address. Most often, these are areas such as: Territory and Quota , Sales and Operations, or even Supply Chain Planning.


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Level 1 Training Program - I started the Anaplan learning journey with the Level 1 certification course and entered the world of Anaplan. The course covers all the basics from basic navigation to model building steps in an interactive way. The short video lessons along the way also makes the learning more fun and addictive. The way course is structured makes it easy to follow along and build the model and if you are facing a difficulty in understanding any topic  you can go back to the course any number of times or take help from Anapedia. In Level 1 Model Building, I got a chance to create a new model, set the Time and Version dimensions, create lists, modules, and line items, import data, use functions and module line item references to build formulas, build User Experience pages with charts and graphs, and review user and role permissions and access settings. After all the model building activities are finished there comes the time to take the certification and once you are done with it voila you are Level 1 certified.

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Level 2 training program -  Level 1 gives a glimpse of the road ahead for level 2. Level 2 course is the advance version of Model building and make the journey a bit more difficult but again the structure of the course and the mini lessons provides the base that we need to build the model effectively. In Level 2 course, we will learn more advanced model building techniques and practices that one should follow, as well as utilize the skills that we have learned earlier in Level 1 program. The Level 2 program is organized into three sprints - like a real project and the challenges that come along with it. In each sprint we have to complete some user stories like we do in a project to focus on the need of users. There is lot to learn from the Anaplan academy in order to build the efficient models and the course makes it easier to do so. There are lot of things that I like about Anaplan some of them being the ease of navigation from one element to another and different segments for the model building requirements. After all the hard work of creating models and completing all the lessons there again comes the time to give the certification exam and become Level 2 certified. I was bit nervous this time but again I succeeded in qualifying the exam.


The Anaplan Way -In order to get Anaplan Certified Model Builder tag we need to complete one more course i.e The Anaplan Way. What is Anaplan Way? Anaplan is a unique software and requires a different approach to go forward. The Anaplan way includes all major stages during an execution of any project. The Anaplan Way methodology will help the team quickly build models that hone in on the customer's most important requirements. The Anaplan Way cornerstones provide the basis that is required for an execution of a project. These cornerstones should be put in action during each stage. They are:

  • Process: The process that the Anaplan model supports.
  • Data: All the data components required.
  • Model: All the stages of the model [Design, Build, and Testing].
  • Deployment: A plan to make sure that the Anaplan model and new business process are embraced in the corporation.

After completing this course you are now Anaplan Certified Model Builder and your certificate is ready to be downloaded.


New User Experience - After completing the Level 2 now I am moving forward and excited to complete Level 3 certification. On my way I came across the new UX as I have completed my level 2 training with the classic dashboard. With its intuitive approach, clean look and streamlined navigation, the New User Experience makes it easier for end users to use Anaplan to do their jobs, and it's easier for builders to create tools for them. The new UX includes different page types to meet a variety of needs, can access data across the organizations models and is responsive to different sized devices from mobile and tablets through large projection screens. The new UX moves the classic dashboard to a new generation of dashboards where it gives a new look and feel to the dashboard elements and makes it more pleasing to the eyes.



As the Chinese Proverb says that Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back. I continue my journey with Anaplan to become a Master Anaplanner. Looking forward to new challenges and new learning that awaits me.


February 10, 2021

Exploring Anapedia

Exploring Anapedia


What is Anapedia?


Anapedia is a reliable source for Anaplan. It is the home for Anaplan's in-depth technical documentation. It is an encyclopedia for everything in Anaplan which is divided into various topics as listed below;

Ø  Administration and security - enable administrators to make the required changes to the Anaplan environment and workspaces.

Ø  Anaplan Home - assists as a tailored access point and overview to Anaplan experience, with quick access to pages, models, favorites and apps.

Ø  Anaplan mobile app - enables you to view and edit your worksheets and boards and perform data analysis on the go from your mobile device or tablet.

Ø  User Experience - allows you to review and modify exhaustive data from models in Anaplan

Ø  Application Lifecycle Management - to manage the governance, expansion and upkeep of your Anaplan applications

Ø  Calculation functions - it is a complete reference to Anaplan's in-built functions

Ø  Dashboards and Visualization - building dashboards in the modelling experience

Ø  Data integration - Anaplan offers integration possibilities at various levels

Ø  Extensions - Microsoft office Add-ins helps in extending Anaplan experience

Ø  Import and export - provides easy solutions for importing and exporting data

Ø  Modeling - Learn the basics of creating an Anaplan model and proceed with each passing level.

Ø  Resources for Anaplan - there are more resources available for Anaplan like downloads, support, academy training and community forums.


How to access Anapedia?

 Within an Anaplan model, the Help menu provides users with instant access to:


Ø  Context - specific Technical Documentation

Ø  Anaplan Community articles and discussions

Ø  Customer Support

 Click the Help menu icon to take a closer look at the resources that are available.

              Select each of the Help menu options to review the available support resources.


B.                           Anapedia can also be accessed directly through a web browser with the link


If the user knows where exactly to look for in Anapedia then there are different segments available which can be accessed directly from Anaplan User Experience.

If the user is unsure of where exactly to find the answer to his queries, then he can simply type his query in the search dialog box and Anapedia will return with all the available material.

There are various resources available in Anapedia regarding every topic:

                      i.            Video Tutorials - step by step guidance on a topic

                    ii.            Anaplan Community - get your queries resolved by experienced Anaplanners from across the globe

                   iii.            Anaplan Academy - refer to courses available on the Anaplan platform

                   iv.            Anaplan Support - redirect your requirements/questions to the support team for additional support


Why Anapedia?


Once you have completed the model building trainings in Anaplan platform, there may still be open questions or queries relating to different topics in the model building process. Anapedia is the platform where one can dig deep into topics and get in-depth knowledge. It also provides access to the Anaplan community where Anaplanners across the world share knowledge and experience with each other. One can easily post a question in the community and solutions to which will start flowing in from across the world from experienced professionals.

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