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April 12, 2021

Anaplan Tips & Tricks

Anaplan Tips & Tricks


This document outlines some of the tricks to use (for users) and configure (for model builders) Anaplan application effectively. Look for Underlined and Italic text throughout the document for helpful tips.

1.  Know the application: For users, first thing is to know the application and here's a quick introduction to how Anaplan looks like:


1.1. Landing page of Anaplan: The models are represented in the tiles - this view can be easily changed by clicking three parallel horizontal lines on top right of screenshot. Chose a view which best suits you.

The list view:


1.2.   The models are auto arranged based on when user visited the model but there could be some models which are required to be visited less often but are critical - The models can marked as favorite and filtered easily for quick access:

Filtering as quick as marking the models favorite - Just click on the star on the header row to show only favorite models:



2.       2. Know the model: The model for end users comprises of set of dashboards which can be accessed from the left pane. The pane can be closed and opened using the horizontal arrows. If, you are planning to work for a longer period on one dashboard, it is better to close the pane to have a wider view of the dashboard.



3.       3, Know the dashboard: Dashboards are the interface designed in Anaplan for the user interaction. A dashboard will consist of grids and charts, input and calculated numbers/values, action buttons etc. Any cell that has a blue colored text is editable and black colored text is read only.


3.3.1. A good model builder will make sure to include the instructions on the dashboard. Instructions, if written correctly can help users to take appropriate action on the dashboard. Usually, instructions will be in light blue colored box.


3.3.2. Synchronization: Synchronization is a powerful feature in Anaplan. The dimensions are available in Anaplan as dropdowns (or in Anaplan language page selectors) - As name indicates, the drop down impacts the whole page, if synchronization is set across grids and charts. Drop down is not the only way for synchronizations to work. Users can also select a value in the rows and if the same dimension is in page selector in another grid, the grids will synchronize.




3.3.3. Drill Down: Drill down is another useful feature in Anaplan. Drilling down is very simple. Right click on a cell à Select Drill down option and it will show up the calculations. Users can keep drilling down to any number of calculation levels. Quicker way is instead of right click, users can press F8 after selecting cell.


3.3.4. Understanding the formulas - After drilling down, it is important to understand the formulas - Anaplan formulas are usually easy to understand. If the line item which is being referred in a formula belongs to another module, the line item structure would be <Module Name>.<Line Item Name>.




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