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Global Business Dominance for Consumer Product companies through Enterprise IT

Guest Post by Nakul Srinivas, Assistant Marketing Manager, Retail, CPG & Logistics, Infosys

Enterprise Resource planning figured in the top 3 for IT Budget allocations for CPG (Consumer Product Goods) companies in 2012 in a 2011 Gartner forecast (Pragmatism Marks Consumer Products Companies' IT Spending Plans, Published: 21 December 2011 by Janet Suleski - This clearly shows that ERP implementations are a top priority for CPG companies worldwide. ERP refurbishing may be necessary to achieve the level of coordinated agility companies need to achieve, to respond quickly to market opportunities or threats.

SAP claims that over 3,900 consumer products companies worldwide rely on SAPĀ® software to keep them running - streamlining day-to-day business processes, improving efficiency, and creating value for their consumers

ERP implementations are becoming more and more critical for business to create and retain a competitive edge. A majority of global enterprises are standardizing through a single instance of an application regardless of the complexity or size of the business unit while some have varying strategies for Tier 1 and Tier 2 businesses. This makes you think about the efficacy of implementing a single instance strategy through large scale ERP projects. Large-scale ERP implementations can truly energize businesses by creating uniformity across business processes. Sometimes inorganic growth creates a diverse landscape. So a global ERP could be a single platform to standardize the ways of working and create the right platform to build upon business models.

We are helping our CPG clients implement and manage large scale ERP projects.  Here is a link to an interesting video on how AB InBev, a leading global brewer and one of the world's top consumer products companies, choose Infosys as a strategic partner to roll out a global SAP program:

Is your organization ready for business dominance through enterprise applications?

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