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Infosys-Troux : New opportunities on the horizon!


It's always interesting when you realize there is an opportunity for growth when you venture into something new! If you are familiar with Troux and what it does- let me reassure you that direction this article is NOT heading towards to is with replacing the services Troux as a company provides.  On the contrary it speaks more on what should be thought about to sustain the benefits of the product Troux.


An organization deciding to invest in Troux for managing its applications portfolios would definitely be aiming to reap the benefits of its investment by going after the low hanging fruits of rationalization and cost cutting. While the obvious is stated, it is important to see the bigger picture of using Troux to run a marathon and not just a sprint.


While Troux as a company helps the organization to learn how to leverage the tool, the organization has its own responsibility of having the right feet on the ground who can not only ensure guidance for successful implementation and maintenance along with optimal data collection but also envision the appropriate plan for testing and governance to maintain the right data and keep it evergreen.


As Troux progresses to charm more large scale sectors and organizations - strategic partners who are affiliated with Troux will definitely be able to contribute more to the growth of the many such organizations!


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