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EUC : Eliminating Dependency on Hardware


A popular music platform on the cloud allows me to access my favorite tunes no matter where I am : home, office, in transit. It does not matter if I am on a laptop, a mobile phone, television, desktop - experience remains the same.


Extending this to an enterprise, by virtualizing apps and moving from a thick to a thin client we can drastically reduce dependency on a device for the end user. Virtualization means moving local apps to a central server.


Many of the vendors are now providing cloud equivalent of their software including cloud storage which compliments this vision. Several of the ERP shops are already making their core modules available on the cloud. There are several workplace productivity tools which are mobile ready like timesheet modules, absence management.


A User hence does not require high end configuration device or be limited by the office network to be functional. This translates to lower hardware cost (replace devices with cheaper tablets), reduce disruption incase of hardware failure (as the end user can switch to an alternate hardware incase there is an issue with the primary device), remove device support service from the critical path.

The first step will be to review the enterprise application stack and come up with a virtualization roadmap - hosted, citrix, VDI, client server. Applications which are required in the offline mode should be able to sync up with the server seamlessly when the connection is restored. Virtualization roadmap should be followed by an enterprise device strategy by roles.


This also builds foundation for BYOD strategy, which essentially puts the onus of device on the end user. Enterprise can move away completely from Asset procurement and lifecycle management. End Users have the flexibility of choosing their own device and network provider and the enterprise has to focus on ensuring the availability of applications.


Overall this is a win-win for both end users and enterprise.

Posted on behalf of Thomas Mathen, Associate Manager, Client Services, RCL

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