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Adopting metrics based Release Management assist cost cutting due to production shut downs

Adopting metrics based Release Management assist cost cutting due to production shut downs


I have seen many customers adopting agile development followed by releasing to production in an ad-hoc way especially it creates large impact for retail customers. Release management address key dimensions around RM Specific justification, RM specific prioritization, and RM specific specification of any application that comprises ecommerce portfolio. I would certainly convey that Application development is all about discipline and philosophy itself by adopting various gating criteria's, metrics, measurement and on top of this, if there are certain metrics and measures adopted for release management, it would further reduce the production downs, in my past experience, we have followed certain metrics like % of total releases per project, % per priority (Standard, Emergency, Hotfix) per project/overall, % of release type (Full, Delta, Hot-Fix, Data Change, etc) per project/overall, % Success Rate / % Back out Rate per project/overall , % of RFC with insufficient documentation/approvals per project/overall , % of milestones achieved , % of scope change , % of change in effort , % of process failure , % of releases shipped on time , % of release first time fit for purpose , Adherence to communication plan target 95% compliance , Adherence to release management process compliance target 95% , Incidents Post Deployment per release ,Problem solved within the releases , Incidents solved per release via workaround , Quarterly Success/Failure Rates ,Cancelled Releases ,Releases During Black-Out/Freeze Periods ,Yearly Release Comparisons to past years ,Feature Enhancement Breakdowns per project area. I would certainly encourage to bring in principles to measure and monitor these RM specific KPIs and Metrics to arrive better signals to arrest before failure.  End of the day - Release management area of ecommerce requires attention on the capability to get work started on the right way, the ability to prioritize a lengthy queue of requests, and the ability to specify what to build/when to build, etc. Also, adopting the above mentioned KPIs and metrics helps in setting up the failure alarms and so that failures can be prevented upfront , there by avoid un-necessary cost on rework.


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