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Engage your customer with a relevant experience

Relevance is no longer limited to identifying what the customer wants- it is also about when the customer wants something. Companies need to correlate data, in real time, from several sources like Twitter, LinkedIn, facebook and point-of-sale data to create a unified view of the customer.

In April, 2013 Infosys conducted a survey of 5,000 digital-savvy consumers across the globe, on their preferences & concerns of being engaged digitally. 72 percent of these consumers felt online promotions and emails they receive do not speak to their interests or needs ("mark as spam" anyone?). Yet 78 percent would purchase from a retailer again if they received offers that target their interests, wants or needs.

Some customers respond faster to emails, while others ignore promotional SMS-es. Companies must constantly improve, take note of the successes and failures of channels and improve their targeting basis an iterative feedback mechanism. Retail companies must make the most of the business data and customer behavior data that they already have at hand.

Read an article on engaging your customer with a relevant experience published in the CGT magazine by Mohan Kumar, Chief Architect, Retail & CPG industries, Infosys here.


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