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End of the PC Era?


PCs are getting fast replaced by very cheap tablets and smart phones. PCs are bulky, occupy space and consume energy. With the advances in internet technology we do not need to store data locally anymore, cloud is a much cheaper option and once a data is in the cloud it can be accessed from anywhere. All the leading mailboxes as an example have now migrated to the cloud. Remember the times when PC games were so popular - not any more. Gaming experience has grown out of the PCs to smarter/dedicated and more powerful boxes.

Most of the people into browsing, social media find tablets and smart phones more usable and efficient. Smart phone brings several technologies together - phone, camera, video camera, browsing, printing, fax machines, gaming, credit card, personal wallet and the list goes on. This convergence of technology coupled with ubiquity of internet (cheaper and faster) has proven to be the nemesis of PCs.

Almost all software applications are hosted today, eliminating the need of machines with heavy processing and storage needs. Cloud application development is also becoming popular and is agile. Several enterprises have launched BYOD programs which essentially let employees carry their personal laptops, tablets to work, making work PCs redundant. Another significant reason playing against the PCs is that it has too many moving parts - Monitors, mouse, keyboards - resulting in more failures and services calls.

Versus writing off the PCs completely do we have an opportunity to hook them together over an internet backbone to create a huge distributed computing engine/server framework which can essentially do complex calculations? Essentially, make PCs part of the cloud, as an enabler

Posted on behalf of Thomas Mathen

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