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Next Generation Call Center to continuously connect with Customers in the Mobile Internet Era

On behalf of : Vijey Rao
Calls centers have been a critical part of an organization's customer engagement process since their emergence in early 1970's. Over the years call centers have matured in the functions carried out by them to cover sales prospecting, enquiry, complaints and technical support. However the activities performed hasve not changed much over the years with the vast majority of call center processes/activities driven by static prepared scripts to execute inbound or outbound calls to prospects or customers.

The convergence of Web 3.0(social media, mobile internet), SAAS applications and ubiquitous /affordable internet access provide organizations with the capability to create continuous and sticky customer engagement. Call Center s can be described or imagined as the pointy end of this evolving continuous engagement framework.

The Next Generation Call Center platforms provides robust, enterprise ready call center execution and analytics capabilities. The Call Center can be rapidly customized and deployed to provide cross channel customer service capability covering (i) Inbound/Outbound Telephony, (ii) Web Self Service, (iii) Email, (iv) Web Chat and Co-Browse, (v) Social Media including Twitter, Facebook. The SAAS platform allows for flexible user management to meet the organization's distributed usage and changing needs.

Consider the following scenarios:
1> A large global processed food supplier discovers that some of its popular product lines are adulterated and require rapid product recall. These products are sold via multiple big box retailers and thousands of smaller "mom-pop" stores across multiple countries.
In such a situation; the company needs to react swiftly and in a coordinated manner to manage its brand reputation, stakeholder perception and reduce collateral impact. The next generation call center capability across multiple channels is the force multiplier to successfully manage this critical scenario.

2> A large global consumer brand company is launching a new product to coincide with an international sport event and wants seamless x-channel experience.
The brand positioning and advertising strategy will be enhanced by proactive marketing, brand and trade promotion aligned to the key themes. The next generation call center enables the organization to achieve continuous and dynamically changing engagement with consumers across channels - telephony, portals, social, mobile.

Look out for my next Blog describing the building blocks of this Next Generation Call Center and how Infosys can help our clients.


Very well articulated.I recently read about how Eloqua Events Mgmt. successfully deployed business requirements as described here in Scenario 2.

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