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The hunt is over for the Best Digital Innovation - 2013

Guest Post by

Anil Venkat, Marketing Manager, Infosys

The Infosys Digital Innovation Award, created with IGD - global retail and consumer goods trade body, celebrates organisations using digital technology to push the boundaries of consumer engagement. The search for the inaugural winner of the award was completed on Oct 8 after receiving entries of over 30 ground breaking projects from global Retail and CPG companies.

The finalists - ASDA, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Tesco and Wm Morrison - shared a common thread.  Innovation is almost always about improvements for the consumer. All these finalists demonstrated that they are prepared to think outside traditional frameworks and try something new.

The winner, Asda, was able to demonstrate more than any other, a clear definition of purpose with defined metrics across multiple areas of their business. Their innovation came from clever use of data and technology,  transferability to other campaigns and business areas and a long-term impact in terms of future marketing strategies and business planning.
The customer defined approach that Asda has taken to creating the Asda smartphone app has been recognised as stand out from their competitors and worthy of the  award. The app achieved the highest user rating of any supermarket chain and helped increase mobile sales to double the company's original target. 

Asda's entry is a case study for how retailers should think about and execute digital innovation in the future.

Congratulations to ASDA,  inaugural winner of Infosys Digital Innovation award 2013


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