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Are you insane yet?

On behalf of : Venkateshwaran A.


....Was Infosys bold question to the world a decade ago. We usurped traditional consulting models by applying flat world economics, conceiving and translating strategy to reality through global delivery execution model.

Infosys' Retail Digital Practice is at it again. We are declaring that insanity reigns in the Digital commerce world. Allow me to explain; you see, for humans old habits die hard. In the olden days (I mean the pre-internet era), when you needed something, you would dash to your retail store around the corner, pick up whatever you need and be a happy camper. When e-commerce evolved, retailers and technology designers dutifully translated the physical store model into the virtual world. Mash up a website, get the consumer to the website and dish em' whatever they need. Then the marketer spends all the time and money in the world trying to figure how to drive site traffic; digital footfalls if you will.

Lame eh? Why? Why does it have to be this way? Consumers don't care about visiting store websites. If you were planning that dream Patagonia hike or ski in Vail, do you run to as your first stop? Hell no! You look around, understand what's up with these places, figure where you need to go, what gear you need, what you need to plan for, the whole enchilada. So why are these businesses not there where consumers are? Why can't I find them in my favorite interior design website where I am looking for cool ideas to remodel my kitchen? Why can't I buy that ski gear or that chic accessory for my bike, right there, on sites where I care to spend time? Nope, I am not referring to those ads powered by grandma's cookies; I am talking about clicking those cool pumps that the model is wearing in that fashion website which I just want to click and buy, right here, right now! In short, why can't retailers come to me, why do I need to go to them?

Enter Infosys Retail Universal commerce (Digital Practice offering); we seek to turn the digital commerce model on its head, a model that's currently trapped in old dogma. Commerce sites deserve to be unshackled and liberated. Products and services float around as API services that anybody can discover, invoke and drive business. Discover any product anywhere anytime and complete the transaction right there. For a retailer the leap is a step up from square root of paths to purchase to infinity squared. No more launching a new tab on your browser, copy paste that weird product name that you can barely spell or care to, google for the product and trawl through 20 more pages before you buy that gear.

Hey old fashioned retailer, are you insane yet?

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