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Unleashing the power of Enterprise IoT-Safety, Health, Environment and Quality platform

At the advent Internet of Things was as simple as a toaster created by John Romkey which could be controlled over the Internet. Today, Internet of things is at a place where 127 new devices connect to the Internet every second. As IoT expands, so does its role to fit into diversified scenarios/ sectors.

Reports by McKinsey state that the Internet of things offer a potential economic impact of $4 trillion to $11 trillion a year in 2025.

                                     Source: McKinsey Global Institute analysis

With the above mentioned potential impact Enterprise Safety, Health, Environment and Quality has a wide scope to be covered. International Labour Organization reports that every 15 seconds, 151 workers have work related accidents. Each year 321000 people die each year from occupational accidents. This gives an opportunity to unleash the power of IoT -creating a connected network which keeps the worker safe. Now, we have a worker who is better connected, more aware of and sensed by the environment thus is inherently safer. 

How do we ensure safety?

If I ask myself what is 'safety' for me at work-

Do I understand my surrounding and associated risks?  

 Will there be something that will warn me in situations of danger?

·       Will I be guided and provided necessary support to deal with Hazard situation?

·       Am I fit for doing the kind of work I am supposed to?

How will these questions be answered? Is it within human reach to answer these questions? This gives us an opportunity to unleash the power of IoT -creating a connected network which keeps the worker safe. Now, we have a worker who is better connected, more aware of and sensed by the environment thus is inherently safer. 


How does it work

Wearable and embedded sensors make it possible to constantly monitor worker to ensure safety and prevent injury. Devices help to tackle risk of fall, overexertion, claustrophobia, vertigo and other health conditions. The wearable devices tap into Internet of Things for gathering, integrating and analysing sensor data. This information when coupled with innovative cognitive capabilities along with the surrounding data will lead a long way to effectively manage health, wellness and safety to completely transform the way one lives or work.


Spotting the right fit

We have n number of sensors that can be connected but what next? Let us consider a scenario of a manufacturing plant with controlled environmental conditions, a simple temperature/humidity sensor when combine with IoT can do wonders here. A worker's skin body temperature can be monitored along with heart rate and galvanic skin response this wearable data can then be correlated with data from ambient temperature/humidity sensor and a feedback can be generated which can trigger intervention when required. This efficient feedback loop can accumulate huge volume of that which further can be analysed to establish trends. This cognitive feedback loop creates increased awareness of heat stress and exertion injuries thereby providing a solid foundation to increased worker safety.  



There is plethora of problems to be solved at enterprise level when it comes to individual's health and safety at work. IoT provides a strong playground to build a futuristic platform to combat occupational safety issues. One just needs to follow the right approach and technology to get the devices connected over the internet of things to do wonders and create a safer ecosystem to work in.


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