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Setting up a Watchtower to Monitor, Measure and Manage your Vlocity Applications...

Why do you need a Watchtower for your Vlocity applications?

As the businesses are scaling up, our customers need to adapt quickly and have effective tools to measure, control and manage their application performance. For many of the major industries like Telecom, Healthcare or Finance, each second matters - for instance, by increasing the number of healthcare claim processes will directly improve the revenue of the organization. On the other hand, a frustrating customer experience due to slow order fulfillment of a telecom product such as a mobile connection will result in poor adoption. The business process should ensure the application performance is maintained to accommodate technology changes, the growth of our customer base, and regulatory changes, all without disrupting the customer experience.


What are the key factors which impact the performance of your Vlocity applications?

There are several factors that impact the performance of the Vlocity application built as a managed package of Salesforce org.


  1. Solution complexity - The basic solution depth and business complexity determine the level of customization on the Vlocity and underlying Salesforce org. Vlocity being a managed package has the dependency on other managed packages installed on the same org and share the org's resources and governor limits
  2. Data Management - The volume of data and the complexity of the data structure has a major impact on the performance
  3. Backend integration - Callouts to external applications and interface delays always contribute to interface delays. The real-time web services and batch feeds from backend applications need to be effective without adding any delay to the business process
  4. Network latency - Complex applications built on managed packages always have an impact due to network latency due to the location of the data centers
  5. Configuration settings - CPQ configuration settings also play an important role, hence care should be taken to ensure this does not result in sub-optimal performance of the application


How do we set up a Watchtower to monitor your Vlocity?

With multiple factors at play impacting your Vlocity performance, the process framework to set this Watchtower would constitute the following:


  1. Record and React for better Customer Experience - What is the current performance experienced by the user in his day to day operations? This focus of Cx monitoring should be collecting stats on the response times of the application due to browser performance factors, external system calls and level of optimization of DataRaptors.
    • The watchtower should also focus on enabling the Vlocity tracking entries and analyzing these tracking entries which will help in proactively managing the key Omniscripts
    • Review DataRaptors performance to ensure only the right data is queried required for one operation
    • The easiest way to monitor would be through periodic static code analysis which provides a gate on the quality of customization added onto the org.
    • Also - the application performance can be monitored by analyzing the response time of Vlocity components, application logs and tracking for any inherent application server performance issues.


  1. Track and Target Interface layer - Application built on Vlocity would rarely be a stand-alone application. For instance, the order management platform on Vlocity would be tightly coupled with the physical provisioning or billing applications. It is very important to focus on the interface calls made from and to the application. Event monitoring, debug logs and logs from the middleware.


  1. View and Visualize the complete business process - Apart from the Cx and interface, the key focus of the watchtower is also to view and help the teams visualize the end to end business process. The idea is to leverage an open source like ELK to track each order from creation to provisioning. This helps in building traceability of the process.

Vlocity Watch Tower.png

As customers face ever-changing business requirements, the need is to adapt quickly and innovate on the Vlocity / Salesforce ecosystem. The idea is to equip them with this watchtower with the right tools and processes to monitor, measure and manage the Vlocity applications for optimal Customer experience, effective interface calls, and uninterrupted business processes.

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