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Fighting Opioid Crisis through Infosys CarePlus 2.0 - Infosys@AHIP

This year at AHIP, the Infosys Team had an interesting problem statement to ideate, discuss and solve - How do we fight this impeding Opioid Crisis with a Digital Platform?

Fighting Opioid Crisis - CarePlus2.0_AHIP.png

Why is Opioid Crisis critical today?

The direction for this discussion was set by our own Healthcare Consulting Head, Amit Shukla, who has more than 20+ years of experience building digital solutions for many of the health care payers. Amit shared his perspective on the impact of the opioid crisis on the current health care ecosystem and the social determinants affecting the patients. The opioid crisis has put a strain on the existing fragile community support for transportation, healthy food, and clinical support, especially in rural areas.

Can we leverage the best of the design and technology to build a scalable, interoperable and personalized platform which can enable

·         Personalized customer experience which will enable the care management team, provider network and member

·         Pre-built care management process

·         Derive actionable insights from the 360-degree view of the member's data and provide proactive interventions

What are the practical challenges for the providers and the extended care management team?

Dr. Sudhakar Rajamoney with 15+ years of experience as a chronic pain specialist and treating patients with opioid abuse added an interesting perspective and set the tone for the discussion. Some of the key points highlighted by Dr. Sudhakar:

·         The subjectivity of pain scale and the opioids prescribed - The pain scale defined from 0-10 is very subjective to the member's capacity to manage pain. Using this scale to provide opioid is not the right approach

·         Practical interventions - There have been cases where the patient's activity has been tracked by the number of steps. The physician can assess the need for opioids based on their level of physical activity 

·         Physician's dilemma - Especially away from the metros in the rural areas, the physicians have very low exposure and training in treating opioid abuse. The idea is to find the effective care pathway that is personalized for the individual

How do we gear up to fight the opioid crisis?

Infosys team has designed a digital platform on Salesforce to fight this opioid crisis. Infosys CarePlus 2.0 is a preventive, care platform that is provided as-a-service on the platform. It enables the physicians to connect and collaborate better with members and their care management network by providing a 360-degree view of every member. It focusses on:


·         Human-centric design - Employs intent-driven design which can aid in providing the key actions and components for a physician/ care manager to effectively connect and collaborate

·         Connected ecosystem - Complemented with an ecosystem that can support vertical integration (focus on care for multiple disease conditions) and horizontal integration (connecting multiple stakeholders across the payer, patients, and providers).

·         Opioid Management with Streamlined tracking Opioid intake, MME Score, Opioid Risk Score, PEG score

·         Provides Inbuilt analytics platform for insights on member data and proactive interventions for the provider


More information on the CarePlus 2.0 can be found below:

Fighting Opioid Crisis...through Infosys CarePlus

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