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Infosys @ AHIP - Day 1

If there is one word to describe today - it would be "energy" - Today it was a great day of energized - learning for Team Infosys along with many of our customers in the payer and provider space. In Washington DC, the team was all set to learn, discuss and share their learnings on trends impacting the transformation of the health care ecosystem and effectively removing the barriers between payers, providers and the patients through technology.


What are we doing here at AHIP?


Infosys is a silver sponsor at AHIP focused on digital platforms helping our payers and providers effectively collaborate and add value to patients. Our focus would be to fight the opioid crisis through prevention, de-risking, and rehabilitation of patients. Infosys CarePlus Platform built on would be relaunched and expanded to cover specialized care, chronic disease conditions and provider network management. (

Infosys at AHIP - Day 1.png

What did we learn today?


  • Wellness transformation - There are quite a lot of discussion around wellness programs for employees and multiple solutions focusing on employee wellness
  • Provider Network management - In today's world, the risk shift to the provider ecosystem has enabled quite a lot of innovation in the provider network space. Also, there were many requests on predictive analytics and process improvements in on-boarding, contracting, payments and digital credentialing
  • Value-based insurance design model (VBID) 2020 - It is good to see Health care innovation across value-based insurance by condition, rewards and incentives, telehealth networks (impact of 5G) and Wellness and Health care planning
  • Whole Persona Care - Today's world of care works on getting the best of standardizing care and localization on the specific community where the patient resides. There is a push for home visits and personalized care in the community
  • Conversation on Prescription Drugs - The whole discussion was on pricing prescription drugs - the right cost is determined by the intersection of cost of innovation, government push and key social determinants of the drug.

Looking forward to the next few days of learning and productive discussions.

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