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Dreamforce 2019 - What can we expect this year ?

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Dreamforce is one of the most talked technology events and a magical gathering that invites more than 100,000 professionals all over the world. The entire Moscone Center becomes a Disneyland for Salesforce Enthusiasts with Music, Monks and Marketing of Salesforce products happening around them.  This year, most of us were able to get a sneak peek on what is going to happen at Dreamforce this year with a series of talk shows called "Road to Dreamforce 2019" that went live every Tuesday starting on September 3rd 2019. Watching this series every week, I was thinking of writing a blog on what can Salesforce professionals in IT companies like Infosys, benefit from attending this event this year and what key notes sessions to focus on to plan our Calendar accordingly.

Dreamforce for Sales Cloud Professionals:

If you are planning to attend the key note sessions around Sales Cloud features, then you can expect the below topics focused to enable our customers to win deals better:

·     Salesforce Maps for Field Sales - All the partners have already attended the webinar on Salesforce Maps which is released this year. At dreamforce, we can have detailed sessions on how this can be leveraged to offer better selling experience to our customers.

·      Enhancement in Salesforce CPQ / Billing Features - Most of our customers always face problems in their billing engine which is going to be simplified and enhanced this year with newer and upgraded features to be announced at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce for Service Cloud Professionals:

Some of the key topics to focus around Service area includes:

·      New Digital channels to be integrated with Service Cloud for enhancement of Self Service Portal

·      Empathy factor as a feature to play a great deal for Field Service Agents and Contact Center organization.

·      Build Sites and Portals faster with the New Lightning Components using Community Cloud. With Salesforce partnering with Automattic this year, we can expect a lot of enhanced features at Community Cloud Digital Experience Key note session this year at Dreamforce.

Dreamforce for Marketing & Commerce Cloud Professionals:

I felt that Marketing cloud, Pardot and Commerce cloud team will play a huge role at this edition of dreamforce with some of the exciting key note sessions including:

·     Salesforce - Google Strategic Partnership for marketing - G Suite integrated with Salesforce for 360 degree marketing needs is going to simplify the ROI measurement of marketing efforts faster than any technology offering can do globally.

·     Journey builder Is getting a brand new upgrade and it is important to attend the Demo at dreamforce.

·     Product bundling feature with Einstein will be a great add on to the Pardot / SFMC offering

·     Interesting Use Case Demo - How Metallica band uses Commerce Cloud for online sales.

Dreamforce for IT professionals aka Technology Innovators

Apart from the above solution based key note sessions, Salesforce has a routine practice to set up a dedicated playground for IT professionals namely "Dreamforce for IT - Drive your Business Partner" which I am sure will be the place to be for Infoscions to get the scoop on all the networking and learning opportunities. This year, Salesforce have made sure that the relationship factor with IT companies will be directly proportional to the number of technology innovators that they groom in-house, with the support of their internal and external stakeholders, to increase the business value. Hence, we can look out for a lot of full force and innovative solutions from various competitors across the globe. This year at dreamforce, participants can see the shift of IT companies from just being a service enabler to a Technology enabler and how they are encouraging their Salesforce practice to embrace the technology for innovation. Salesforce has also made it clear that their customer SPOC, not just includes CIO or members of CIO office but also CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CDO (Chief Digital Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) who also sit in the office of CIO these days and embrace technology for their business needs. Hence, Salesforce believes that their IT partners as Technology Innovators can increase the demand for Salesforce in the market with such sessions. Salesforce also encourages their customer to establish a co-working relationship with their IT partners to drive their technology driven business in real time. Salesforce has also worked on an enterprise application and tested on Heroku for IT security needs of customers and will be needing IT partner support to enable their vison on Cyber Security and other security related needs of their customers. Above all, Mulesoft sessions will also be importance to IT players who are enabling digital transformation projects for their customers. Indeed, there is an increasing demand for OOB integration services to connect different platforms used by the customers in their IT transformation journey.

Infosys on the playing ground:

As a technology innovator and platinum Salesforce Partner ourselves, Infosys will be presenting on some of the Solution Innovation POCs /POVs that we have created with  the Salesforce Platform enabling our customers to perform better. Few notable ones are:

·         Auto-remarketing Solution

·         Efficient 360

·         Provider Experience

·         Channel Partner Management Solution

·         Customer Advocacy 2.0

·         Lightning Experience Solution

·         Agile Planner

·         Agile Pro

·         CRM Broadcast

Dreamforce for AI enthusiasts

There will definitely be Einstein AI feature releases  across all the cloud solutions that we have to watch out for that can help build use cases instantly for our clients.

 "Every great AI project starts with great use case", recalls Salesforce AI experts.

For IT professionals, Salesforce has bucketed Einstein sessions into 2 categories:

·     Building Smart Apps with AI enabling Business Visions using Einstein NLP / Translations & Voice Capabilities

·     Customizing Salesforce with Einstein AI which will talk about predictions & recommendations features that can be created and embedding within Salesforce Cloud Solutions

Einstein sessions will be held at Moscone West Zone with 3 floors worth of demos and hands on sessions on Einstein AI.

·         1st floor - Trailblazer Zone

·         2nd Floor - Einstein Platform Zone

·         3rd Floor -  Einstein AI summit

If we have any questions or sessions or demos to be arranged at dreamforce we can tweet the request with a hashtag #NowYouKnowAI

Other Interesting events: Apart from the above technical events, following are some of the interesting events to watch out for at Dreamforce:

·     Pardot puppies - All the Pet Lovers can visit the Pardot Puppies store to adopt the rescued puppies at Dreamforce

·     Mindfulness - On the last day of dreamforce there will be a session on Yoga / Mindfulness / Stress Management for the attendees with a popular figure driving the same.

·     Musical evening - As a routine practice, dreamforce will have a famous band at Dreamforce 2019 Concert.

For travelers to dreamforce, I hope this article will help you make a proper Calendar plan and coverage at dreamforce. For non-travelers to dreamforce, hope you are updated on what will be happening at Dreamforce this year.

Cheers and happy Dreamforcing!

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