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Smart Targeting and Marketing Solution for Auto Finance

Traditionally, Automobile manufacturers have been focused on production processes, manufacturing and supply chain management. The focus of selling cars has been customer demand and dealer relationships to manage the process of selling vehicles and maintaining them post-sale.


As per Cox Automotive's 2018 Used Car Market Report and Outlook, new and used vehicle sales are expected to take different paths moving forward. New vehicle sales are expected to dip, while used vehicle sales will rise. With lots of off-lease vehicles returning to the market, the used car sale market will create a lot of opportunities for companies and dealers. To effectively capitalize these opportunities, the Captive Auto Finance needs to overcome the key process challenges such as:


  • Inefficient Grounding Process
  • Inaccurate negotiated and Bid price
  • No end to end digital traceability of inspection data
  • Additional Cost for 3rd Party Auctioneers
  • No Market Visibility or Feedback

Challenges - Auto Industry.png

These challenges have made the Auto Re-Marketing Process is Inefficient and Costly causing large delays on the Average Vehicle Turn in.

To address these challenges, we feel there is a need to build a robust digital platform that enables our Auto-manufacturing customers to explore the human-centric aspect of the buyer-seller relationship. We envision designing a business model that enables the Captive Auto Finance to directly connect with Dealers and eliminate 3rd party auction costs and shift sales earlier in the cycle. Infosys Auto Re-Marketing Platform, our first Industry Solution has been designed for the Auto manufacturer to manage their inventory and effectively market and sell directly to the dealers eliminating the need for third-party auction and inspection teams. This platform provides the capability for:


  • Unified Customer Experience - There is a need to build an intuitive customer experience across multiple channels accessible to purchase and deliver vehicles from the current inventory
  • Pre-built auction process - The pivot of the used car sales is a simplified auction process where the end customer can post a bid for the dealer on B2B Commerce platform
  • Customer Insights - One of the most important components of customer experience is to feed the insights from the market into the campaign management process
  • Predictive intelligence - The data analysis provides the backbone for customized campaigns and price predictions through Einstein across the value chain


Infosys Auto-Remarketing has been aligned to Salesforce's Value Proposition which adds Cost as well as revenue benefits to the Auto manufacture's ecosystem:


Cost benefits:


  • Reduce Professional Inspection Fees
  • Reduce Inventory Carry Costs
  • Reduce Repair Transportation Costs
  • Reduce 3rd-party On-line Store Fees by Moving OEM Dealer Sales to OEM Online Store
  • Reduce Auction Fees by Moving Some Non-OEM Dealer Sales to Online Store



Revenue benefits


  • Increase Vehicle Prices by Shifting Sales From Online Store to GD
  • Accelerate Revenue Recognition - 20% more Sales on Auction
  • Increase Vehicle Prices by Shifting Sales - Online Auction to Store

Auto Re-Marketing Value Add.png

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