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November 6, 2019

Infosys Agile Planner - A NexGen agile based software building platform

Agile Planning: Challenges

In this era of competitions and innovations in the world of software development, there is a continuous pressure of delivering high quality solutions/ products which can be deployed speedily, are of low cost and flexible to absorb the dynamic needs of the end user fraternity. While the advent of the Agile Methodology seemed to address these demands, it brought in a need for structuring, planning, controlling and managing the project in an agile manner. If this was not enough, the agile ways of working necessitated a demand for dynamic collaboration and communication mechanisms further tightening the pressure of managing all these aspects within a single agile management tool.

Enterprise Agility Solution: Guiding Principles

A successful recipe of an agile project management tool should include principles like -

  • User Experience: A solution which is easy to use, is intuitive and provides an action oriented Ux.
  • Self- Learnability: Solution which self- learns from events/ transactions/ search results etc.
  • Centralized data management: one stop - shop for all agile based project management data
  • Scalable and maintainable for long term use
  • Device and browser agnostic use for agile access - anytime and anywhere.

Lights On: Solution    

Infosys Agile Planner, a Salesforce based solution, not only shadows the 5-principle framework but also brings in a combination of the SMART features required for agile project management - Smart Agile Planning, Measurable Program Metrics, Attainable breakdown of work structures, Relevant Reporting across personas and Time-based measurement of work for Operational Excellence and Agile based execution of programs.

The full feature set of the solution allows enterprises to plan, track and deliver software in an agile manner with key features like -

  • Agile planning - Project planning, release management, sprint planning, features, epics, user story, workstack management.
  • Backlog management - Product backlog management with ranking and/ or priority based backlog planning.
  • People Management - Centralized management of the team information with respect to their allocations, assignment, skillset, credentials and absences information for skill based assignment of work and capacity planning.
  • Quality Assurance - Comprehensive test and defect management with industry standard features and automation.
  • Gamified Workstack - Gamification of the developer KPIs for performance management as well as early identification of bottlenecks.
  • Dynamic Reports - Agile centric analytical snap shot of the program like Sprint Velocity Burn Down charts, Test Traceability Reports, Dynamic Kanban boards etc.
  • Advanced Collaboration - Guided Chatbot, analytical snap shots, 360-degree view of the team, chatter enabled notifications.
Agile planner.jpg
Business Benefits 

Infosys Agile planner offers the following benefits -

  • Accelerate: Accelerate agile planning and delivery with workflow based planning, persona based tracking and monitoring of programs.
  • Innovate: The solution has innovative components baked in it for improvising the agile delivery of programs like Gamified management of Development workstack, Capacity planning and Chatbot based self- help.
  • Action Oriented UX: The solution follows a Persona driven action oriented UX for better and intuitive usability.
  • Data Security: A secure tool with profile based access control for controlling the data and views related access.
  • Reduction in Operational Cost: The solution helps reduce operational costs of maintaining discreet tools for e2e agile project management and data visualization.   
To know more about this solution, visit Infosys at Dreamforce, Booth# 631.

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