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Beat the Covid 19 pandemic with the best in breed vaccine management solution

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According to WHO, there are currently 190 vaccines in development and more than 2 dozen vaccines in human trials. However, managing the vaccination program will be an unprecedented task for government organizations across the globe. It is of prime importance that these government organizations choose the best in breed solution for managing the vaccine programs efficiently.

Any successful vaccine management solution should follow a rule of 3Ps - Plan, Prepare and Prioritize. The digital solution modules will be designed and executed to fit into the 3Ps - Plan, Prepare and Prioritize

Here is my take on the key areas of focus that will fit into the 3PS and determine the success of the digital vaccine management solution:

Ability to deploy quickly and meet the volume of requests:

The organizations will look forward to a platform solution that is easy to configure, build, integrate and manage end to end supply chain of the vaccination program. The platform should also be flexible to meet the different requirements of the states and secure to store data.

 A single view of data to take strategic decisions and execute actions:

The solution must also provide a single view of data according to the role and designation of the personas involved in the ecosystem. The holistic view of the data must cover the below prime areas:

·         Vaccination status of the community

·         Rate of adherence to schedules

·         Patients with preexisting conditions and not eligible for vaccination

·         Medical device inventory status

·         Health status of people post-vaccination

Demand forecasting will be a key to determine the facility readiness and manage the supply chain:

The availability of enough stocks of medical kits and equipment required for the program is a must to manage the vaccination programs of such a scale with challenging supply chain management and logistics ecosystem. A robust AI-engines should predict and forecast demand to plan the inventories and reduce wastage that can be used elsewhere

Robust calendar management and scheduling facilities for the community:

An inbuilt calendaring and scheduling capabilities in the solution is a must for the entire appointment management process for the community. Separate administrators and task force team must be appointed with access to manage and administer the calendar of the communities handled by them.

Ability to capture the health status with inbuilt survey and consent management system:

The vaccination program will involve adherence to various norms and guidelines of WHO. Hence the solution must have an inbuilt survey capture feature that can gather relevant patient data related to health as well as take their consent before they enroll themselves in the vaccination program.

Training of health care workers:

The solution should be easily managed by the health care workers and medical professionals. Vaccine management courses and inbuilt training modules will help them to quickly adapt to the technology, log the activities and track the status.

Analytics to monitor the post-vaccination health status:

The responsibility of the organizations doesn't end with the vaccination program but extends far beyond to monitor and track the health status of the people post vaccination. Inbuilt analytics with easy integration to data from wearables and other patient health monitoring mechanisms will play a key role in the determining the success rate of the vaccination program.

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