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“SAP BPC Owned by Business developed by IT” is it a reality or myth.

It is a general perception that SAP BPC can be easily managed or supported by Business which helps in reducing total cost of ownership and reducing dependency of business on IT dept.

Let’s try to further analyze this statement and find out task which can be independently managed by Business users.
1) Changing organization structure: SAP BPC admin console has excel embedded into it, administrator or super user or business user with admin task profile can open entity dimension member sheet and use native excel functionality to change the existing organization structure.
2) Changing master data : SAP BPC  holds master data in various dimensions ,As stated above , we can use native excel functionality to add new dimension member and change attribute of any dimension member.
3) Loading transactional data: SAP BPC comes with unique feature of data manager packages, which are easy to use. Predefined data manage packages are used for following purpose
a. Loading of transactional data
b. Clearing data
c. Copy data
d. Move data
4) On demand reporting: SAP BPC offers flexibility to business user to create report using drag and drop functionality or using predefined report templates.
5) Security profile : SAP BPC offers wizard based security profile .Business user with security task profile  can easily add  any user assign a task profile , team and member access profile using wizard functionality.

SAP BPC is integrated with MS office (Excel, Word & Powerpoint), it reduces training cost and gets easily adopted by business users. With the above examples and my project experience in SAP BPC, I can safely say that SAP BPC reduces maintenance effort considerably as compared to other SAP planning tool( IP & BPS ) or any other third party tool.


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