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HRP – Home Resource Planning: An ERP Microcosm touching everyday life

While teaching ERP concepts, we always speak of islands of systems and processes with no major integration and leading to inefficiencies.   On one such occasion I was forced to apply similar analogy towards the current generation professionals who are trying to meet increasingly contending demands between Professional and Personal aspects of life.   Our lives are always inclusive of various such islands of partners, systems and processes such as Employer, Banks, Insurance, Schools, Service Providers, Hospitals, Doctors, Grocery & Retail stores, Government agencies etc.,   On the personal side we always try to play a major integration role between all these different entities and get stressed out in the process.  Hence this thought process and blog.

Human life is getting complicated day by day.  Running a household has enough challenges as in an enterprise.  Any major tasks in the world once broken down to a granular level are either human, machine or environment related. All human tasks are essentially transactions between individuals.  Now if the individual is spending significant time in taking care of running his home as a personal enterprise and is entangled with its complexities, the stress generated is going to have an impact on the professional work.       In a world which has invented ERP packages to solve giant Global Organizations Business efficiency problems, we can look at solving human-centric problems of this world through an ERP – Microcosm which is for the benefit of an individual and catering to Home Resource Planning - HRP.  HRP can be a next generation solution hosted by an Application Service Provider and meeting common day in life household processes like Finance, Inventory, Household Partners, Workflows, Alerts, etc., 
Key Organization elements: Household is the highest level.  Entire personal organization structure of home is built into the system.  
All partner organizations such as Insurance, Banks, Employer, Vendors, Schools etc., are also represented as organizational elements with due integration between HRP and their in house systems.

Home Process Master List: HPML typically consists of the Day in life processes, workflows and activities and some of them are represented below on sample basis by each of key entities.

1) School 
      a. Check and sign-off assessment results
      b. Alerts on fee payments, fee hikes and any special incidental fees
      c. Communication, complaint and feedback mechanism
2) Grocery Vendors
      a. Maintain preferred vendors
      b. View Catalogues
      c. Re-order point planning
      d. Stock-out, replenishment notifications to vendors
3) Insurance
      a. Payments, tax exemption submissions
      b. Customized solutions for household needs
      c. Medical insurance claims
4) Bank
      a. Electronic Clearing System registration and approvals
      b. Payments to vendors, schools, service providers
      c. Loans and EMI payments

5) Services
      a. Annual Household Maintenance Contracts
      b. Rental payments and collections
      c. Telephone, Internet and other essential services management
      d. Travel and Leisure management
6) Reporting and Analytics
      a. Spend analysis
      b. Overdue payments
      c. Consumption patterns
7) Document Archives
      a. Payment Receipts
      b. School scorecards  & Certificates
      c. Health & Medical records

HRP should be an internet based hosted application software based on cloud computing concepts.  It should be accessible anywhere through any of the standard mediums like computers, mobiles, personal devices etc.,

Entire Application layer and User Interface Layer should be so designed to provide a greater efficiency of operating transactions, integration between various entities and catering to an exhaustive HPML.

Organizations can register with HRP service provider on a pay per transaction basis.  It helps them in becoming completely paperless many of the interactions with key customers and also with lean administration staff.  Organizations can expose the data relevant for HRP and also APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which are relevant for external end customers.   Individuals can create their own accounts, pay per transaction basis and configure their personalized environment consisting of various organizations they interact with and modes & frequency of alerts, workflows etc.

Key benefits of HRP for an individual in general would include all that we can attribute to an ERP for an Enterprise.  Also HRP will support Go-Green concept with paperless (less paper) life.  Will cover in my subsequent blogs other aspects like  Architecture & Design, cost-benefit analysis, commercial model etc.,

Can we look at SAP–Home as new package in the market in coming days!!  Any venture capitalists hearing?


Hi Udaykanth,

I am not a venture capatalist, however some how I came across the same idea of having a Home ERP.
Bringing the idea into the daily use and apply same concepts.
I think its a great idea.
Being an IT Architect I am really interested to find the potential in this venture.
If you have interest for further discussions, please drop me an email.
Again I am just an ordinary IT architect asking similar questions to myself.


Glad to hear from you Vipin. I will publish few more thoughts on Architecture & Design, cost-benefit analysis, commercial model in my next blogs. Please feel free to reach me at

Hi Uday and Vipin,
I have been thinking about this from the last few months, and I do see the boom market for this when India launches 4G LTE at speeds of 40 MBPS. We will be in full control of our home systems on the fly, even in buses, trains, flights and wherever we are. I am from the mobile embedded industry and trying to converge embedded applications into enterprise ones.

Hi Udaykanth

I have to say that I've been thinking of the same idea when I do everything around my home.
I believe it is coded in all of us who are working in the IT industry :) ... I'm SAP ERP Consultant myself.

However, I doubt its usefulness for the mass crowd. Would someone really be interested to pay money to buy such application? even if the answer is yes, How many would like to ?


Also I have taken a great personal interest in a home ERP system. I think it could be amazing and yes I do think people would want it. My background is in manufacturing , materials management, resource planning, etc. I would love to have an ERP system as a way to manage my own life.

Hi I am also highly interested in this. I think is really going to big thing in coming time

Its really a great idea. I have also a great interest on this new concept. It will be very much useful in future.

I have read your whole blog and keep in touch in future as well .if any one get more information about the Applicant Tracking Software

Good article,its quite easy to understand your information.

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