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Minimize your Customization & Accelerate your Realization - Part III

In Part I and II of this blog we discussed about how package applications provide solution for an integrated Customer Care & Billing system. But with extensive package customization the benefits are overshadowed. However, with a pre-configured package solution, much of the customization can be pre-built and adopted as a hyper package thus reducing the realization period. Part III of this blog will provide insight into the pre-configured package solution available from Infosys for Utility Billing and Customer Care functions. Also suggested is to read fellow Infoscion Parmarth's blog on CIS modernization and the need for an integrated customer care & billing system here.

Infosys' Utility-in-a-Box (UIAB) solution is pre-configured package solution for small and mid market energy and water utilities who plan to upgrade from legacy CIS to a modern integrated Billing and Customer Care platform. This solution provides seamless integration to back office processes and utility specific technologies like AMI, GIS etc. The solution resides on Infosys' utility domain knowledge and industry best practices. Built on SAP platform this solution comes bundled with various artifacts and accelerators and can be extended to incorporate specific needs of each customer.

The UIAB solution is based on the objectives discussed in the last part of this blog. It provides for rapid implementation- as fast as 9 to 12 months, which is a fraction of typical package implementation timeframe of a similar scoped project. The scope of UIAB covers the meter to cash cycle and customer service processes, typically in use at most utilities. The box includes bundled developments such as interface templates, reports, forms and legacy data migration templates and bundled documentation such as generic process documents, configuration manual and training manual for the pre-configured processes.

The UIAB is recommended to be implemented using the Infosys proprietary PACE® (Pre-configured & Accelerated CIS Enablement) methodology. This is a unique methodology designed towards accelerated implementation of the packaged customer service and billing solution. The demo driven approach involves key users right from the design phase, captures delta modification to pre-configure solution and artifacts shortens realization timeline. There is a high focus on what you see is what you get ideology.

There are clear benefits to be achieved by opting for a packaged customer service and billing solution. However, UIAB as a pre-configured solution focused on utility retail, goes a step ahead. It provides for a rapid implementation, it is a pre-tested quality solution and an overall lesser risk involved in terms of failure post implementation. The UIAB solution from Infosys is presently available on SAP platform and is built on ECC (IS-Utilities) and CRM. A detailed document on UIAB can be downloaded here.

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