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Is Your SAP Application Compatible With IE8

Organizations across the world over are either planning or have already rolled out Internet Explorer 8 for use as an Internet Browser. If the company is also having an SAP System as an ERP solution for the business than it may be worth while to check the compatibility between IE8 and SAP ERP Applications. This is important because SAP Applications  e.g. SRM, APO, SAP ERP, Enterprise Portal uses the Internet Browser to perform certain business transactions. The blog explores options to analyse and how to achieve compatibility between SAP Aplications and IE8.

Recently I had the chance to come across a case wherein a business user tried to connect to SAP Portal Application in his company from an internet cafe. He could not access the SAP Portal Application from Internet cafe  while from his official computer he could access without any problem. The analysis revealed that Internet Explorer version is different in both the cases. The IE version in Internet cafe was IE8 whereas in the official laptop it was a lower version. On further analysis it turned out that IE8 is not compatible  with SAP Application version that was being accessed. The result was Enhancement Pack upgrade project for the SAP Application. Thereafter, SAP Application was compatible with IE8. Since IE8 is one of the latest offering from Microsoft and companies have plans to roll this out all across organization.
The SAP support organizations within the company should make a compatibility check between various SAP Applications and the Internet browser being used wthin the company. This check should be made part of the support process to be checked periodically to avoid any surprises.

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