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Opportunity Maintenance- A point of view: Part 2

In continuation to what we were talking on Opportunity Management (OM) in Part 1, following picture graphically shows how the OM is planned:



In the illustrated picture there is a breakdown of a machine which is expected to take 4 days to restore it back. This has resulted in the stoppage of the production area. The primary focus would be on to restore the machine as quickly as possible and restore the machine back to its original condition.
However there are work orders which are falling within those 4 days + 3weeks window of time which needs to be executed and subsequently these will also stop the process. Other work orders which does not necessitate production stoppages and falling in this window can also be clubbed maximize the utilization of OM window.

Challenges for opportunity Maintenance
Following are challenges envisaged for opportunity maintenance,
1. No clear idea on how long the machines under breakdown will be restored - Many times it takes considerable time to identify the root cause of the issue hence no accurate duration of machine down time can be predicated. This will impact others getting the benefit of Opportunity window.
2. The software does not support pulling the maintenance work orders based on Opportunity selection criteria like duration, location and priority wise
3. Unavailability of Resource - since the focus will be on breakdown rather than planned maintenance in such situations.
4. Non availability of spares
5. Non Availability of external service / delay in getting internal approvals for external service
6. Sometimes the machine which was under breakdown might be restored earlier than anticipated creating pressure situation on planned maintenance works.

Conclusion and Recommendations
While this is an opportunity to carry out planned works during such window , but it requires enormous coordination and accurate planning and more important it requires Management support to make use of opportunity windows.

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