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Regression testing automation in SAP: How to make it a success - Part - II

by Madhup Mukund Paturkar

In last blog we discussed about why regression testing should be automated. Also we discussed about the contents & important of Process Mapping and Test cases. In this blog we will look at the approach to automation project and tools provided by SAP.

Approach to test automation project:
The approach to SAP automation will also depend on many other non technical issues few examples are business process readiness, test case readiness and budget and time constraints.


madhup.jpg.pngAbove figure shows simple execution model for the automation project. Ideal way to do automation project can be with upgrade or any rollout where regression testing is being done manually. But before you start the automation project, it is expected that Process Maps are ready. Test case preparation and test data creation for the process along with automation can be achieved as a parallel process to any big project or upgrade. This gives saving of effort in terms of test data and test case creation. The same test cases and test data can be used in automation as well it helps to do the regression testing during big project or upgrade. To keep the momentum it is expected that you finish the automation project along with the regression testing of the already running project. Automation will always be lagging functional test data creation.

Operating model shows the tools used and data flow. It is expected that senior functional consultant to create detail business process flows. Based on the analysis of the flows functional consultant can create the test cases as explained in first blog. The variation of test data for a unique t code needs to be captured in test case. Automation team will need details of the flow and test data for the flow as well as test case. Test automation team needs a close co-ordination with functional team to understand the flow and variations. SAP experienced test automation consultant in this particular model is added advantage.

Tools required in test automation:
In order to run the entire project efficiently, you need tools like SAP TAO, HP QC, QTP and Solution Manager. ARIS is a tool provided by Software AG Company which has a very strong integration with Solution Manager. Process can be mapped in Solution Manager or ARIS-Solution Manager together. ARIS gives a very good front end for end users to understand the process and further enhance it. Purely from automation point of view ARIS is not mandatory.

Solution Manager has direct link with QC to create the requirements. Actual automation is done with help of SAP TAO and QTP. SAP TAO helps a lot in generating the components from SAP. Details about these tools are generally available on web.

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