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Individual Process Quality aspects in SAP ERP (HCM )- Part 3

Test Procedures:

A specific problem when maintaining data for time management is caused by intended or unintended changes that reach too far back into the past. This can be restricted by limiting retroactive accounting relevance. There are often situations where it should be possible to make corrections that extend one or two years into the past, but not every time representative should have the authorization to make such corrections. This can be reflected using Info type 0130(Test Procedures). You can also use it outside of time management, but this is an area where it is frequently used. To configure this in customizing , go to PM->PA-> Tools-> Authorization Management-> Test Procedures.

You can also use it outside of time management, but this is an area where it is frequently used. To configure this in customizing , go to PM->PA-> Tools-> Authorization Management-> Test Procedures. You can define one or more test procedures here. You can assign a number of info types and subtypes to each test procedure .For each test procedure defined this way(number of info types or subtypes), you can now define the point in the past to which data can be changed retroactively. Users who have maintenance authorization for the corresponding subtype of IT130 can also maintain the corresponding data in past .

Automating Tests:

Depending on the company, very complicated rules can underline the time evaluation process. It is also very difficult to configure customization via schemas and rules. This makes testing  very important and particularly difficult. A serious problem is created by the fact that when a particular rule is changed or a specific error is corrected - although the directly affected areas are tested- There are often unexpected consequences in completely different areas.This problem can be resolved by automating the test. There are tools available on the market that compares the results of copied personnel numbers with those of the original in the productive system. In many projects, it has proved worthwhile to setup successive, comprehensive test datasets, that are tested automatically at every change. To do this we need a program that stores reference results for all test cases.Everytime a change is made, the program can determine where the new results differ from the reference results. This kind of program is called test workbench .

Setup of an Internal Control System :

An essential pre-requisite  is the clear definition of processes, including their documentation beyond system boundaries . Some aspects that are outside the system and should be observed within the framework of an Internal Control System:

Ø  Simplification of process

Ø  Clear definition and communication of process

Ø  Checklists

Ø  Responsibilities

Ø  Leeway of exceptions

Ø  Use of tools outside SAP HCM

Ø  Traceability/ auditability

It is recommended to create a main document based on the goals in which all the important elements of the internal control system is documented

v  Which processes are contained ?

v  How much they be described and where can you find the documentation?

v  How does the IT system support the quality of the processes?

v  How are the system changes made and documented?

v  How much test procedures be described ?

v  How are  tests and other test-relevant facts documented in a revision-proof form?

v  Which checks are implemented periodically?

Note : If an Internal Control system is not adapted to the actual requirements continuously, the employees are bound to work around it.

Always keep the following two principles in mind :

ü  The system compliance must be possible with the available capacity. The intelligent use of system, checklists, etc. facilitates the employee's work.

ü  The system must be maintainable. Definitions that are too specific require permanent adjustments .




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