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Industry Perspective: Production supply with EWM execution - Part 1

By Yudhishthir Shrikant Joshi

The Warehouse Management solutions are traditionally used for granular level tracking of inventory and assisting inbound and outbound processes. EWM was rolled out to improve this solution for higher inventory turnover, multi geographical landscape of the system and complex warehouse processes. But our recent experience with EWM project, gave us an insight on how useful is EWM in assisting the Production process. First, let us understand why warehousing is important from the manufacturer's perspective.

In a repetitive manufacturing scenario, the on time availability is an important factor in success of assembly line production. But in specialized industries like Aerospace, it has very different and unique requirements.
1. The aero assemble parts are high value parts, which demand high level of stock accuracy.
2. The warehouse structure is highly complex than a normal warehouse. There are wide ranges of sizes of components, integrated electronic parts, specialized components that need controlled temperature storage etc. This is a challenging structure to be mapped during the organizational setup for system integration.
3. Business critical operations are carried out within warehouse, before the parts are sent to assembly eg. electrostatic tests, stress test.
4. Stock quality is utmost important. If there is a small failure on field for any component, stock for that batch is purged from every location. Even if it is half assembled, it has to be removed from there. This requires detailed tracking of each part, process to purge it and send for rapid testing zone.
5. Every plane has its unique demand. So the warehouse process, picking and consumption have to be planned as per the model of aircraft. Owing to varied sizes and component characteristics, the picking strategies have complex logic.
These are few of the unique challenges that make this Industry stand apart from auto or retail Industry in terms of its business lifecycle. EWM may act as a gear between the process requirements and the Management objectives to offer an effective solution.


In the next part, we will discuss on the details of the EWM solution.


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