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HANA fever - OLTAP

Most of us are showing interest to know about new SAP HANA. In simple words, it is another database. But if we consider the market(customers/clients/companies) demand, HANA has a great value in coming months/years.

I don't wish to go into more technical. But I wish to share my ideas with our colleagues(Infosys community).

In typical ERP, we have OLTP and OLAP systems. There is a lag between data processing and data availability for analytics.

HANA makes difference in reducing the time lag and help the upper management in changing the strategy in few hours/minutes.

I may be touching the know points on HANA, but I want to make this blog as more interactive as much as possible. Your comments/feedback is highly appreciated.

What are benefits of HANA database

1) We can combine the transactional and analytical processing of few critical/most important business areas.

2) We can avoid few technical bottle necks of other RDBMS.

3) We can take advantage of mobile interfaces along with HANA data.

4) Analysing and Identifying the most important KPIs of each business process and converting those KPI reports to HANA reports.

5) Dash boards are on Static historical data, HANA dash boards can be on realtime data.

I may be wrong in some information , but I welcome your comments/corrections.

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