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Business Transformation Enabled by IMPACT Framework and Methodology and VRM (Value Realization Model)

By Dale Strickland

Traditional implementation methodologies have historically focused on gathering requirements. At Infosys we utilize an innovative approach that leverages our business transformation framework (IMPACT™). Based on our experience assisting clients through Business Transformation initiatives, Infosys has developed a comprehensive, customizable, modular framework for business-focused transformations of wide ranging objectives that impact customers, employees, business processes and underlying systems and technology.

Infosys' IMPACT™ Method for Business Transformation has been designed and developed specifically to drive value out of Business Transformation programs. It provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to achieve organization transformation, cutting across business and/or functional lines. It outlines a guiding framework and key principles for the effective governance, communication and integration required for transformation programs to succeed. The framework, allows us to balance our focus across key impact areas - Impact on Company, Impact on Capabilities, and Impact on Transformation - across the commonly understood software development lifecycle phases. It does so, by enforcing equitable focus on all workstreams that constitute the implementation agenda. Underlying IMPACT™ is a host of best practices, tools, templates and methods on the "WHAT, HOW and WHEN" of enabling business transformation.

Business transformation initiatives are highly complex and present enormous challenges for our clients.  While it is relatively easy to usher in technology change, success is greatly defined by how well people and process related changes are managed such that the transformation is less risky, and more effective from a value realization perspective.  In other words, orchestration of this change is critical to the success of the transformation.  Leveraging Infosys' IMPACT Framework™ will help our clients reduce the inherent risk with such initiatives by driving transformation activities throughout the business and program in a consistent and organized manner. It is designed to accelerate and standardize activities, and ensures business processes, systems and organizations are transformed according to companies' strategic objectives.  Infosys and IMPACT Framework™ are a combination that will help to ensure Business Transformation initiative success.


About the Author: Dale is a Senior Prinicipal in Management Consulting under Consulting & Systems Integration Unit in Infosys. With a varied experience in IT industry, Dale is currently in the Process Transformation track and working on Business Transformation solutions for Infosys.


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